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HKIA X CHEP Webinar Series #2 "Planning and Building for a Healthy and Sustainable Future"
Recap of Webinar

Highlights from Panelists

Prof. Albert Lee, Founding Director, CHEP, CUHK:

Professors Trevor Hancock and KK Ling have deeply inspired me how we should save our planet for future generation.  Professor Hancock mentioned equity and local economy which is key principle of “One Planet Living”.  However, we have observed that built environment in Hong Kong metropolitan areas has tendency to drive out local economy. Food supply can become the victim with more processed food and less nature food products with proliferation of chain supermarkets and restaurants/food stalls. This would lead to distinction of local food supplies and also local infra-structure. Hong Kong has unique advantage of excellent transport system improving connectivity so we should take one step further to regenerate local economy without disrupting the ecological footprint.

Professor Ling discussed local shopping centre performing more community action such as local medical care facilities.  In the past, public estates provided premises for doctors with favourable rent so estate doctors can offer services at reasonable cost to local residents.  Not many clinics have survived since privatization of management of shopping centres of public estates. If local shopping centres (both private and public) can provide designated spaces for development primary healthcare services, the local residents can have better access to health services in their own living environment. The service providers with provision of stable environment for operation in terms of venues and rental charges, they would invest more to develop services meeting the needs of local population.

Both speakers have inspired us further to advocate the better provision of “Public Open Space” in new town development.

Albert Lee


Mr. Lawrence CHAU, President of HKIP: 

‘Together with the sharing by the speakers, the Task Force of Healthy City of HKIP has also come up with some initial recommendations to stimulate wider discussion in the community for more innovative ideas and solutions, to strive for a liveable and healthy Hong Kong.  They include the preparedness and proper planning for the emergency uses, consideration of mixed uses in the planning system, improvement of walkability, innovative design and timely execution of public open space, provision of liveable housing units, review of the standards of the elderly home, control and regular inspection of unauthorised sub-divided flats by the Government.’

Dr. Trevor Hancock
Public Health Physician / Health Promotion Consultant Former Professor and Senior Scholar, School of Public Health and Social Policy, Univeristy of Victoria
Co-founder, The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

Dr. Trevor Hancock is public health physician and recently retired from his position as a Professor and Senior Scholar at the School of Public Health and Social Policy, University of Victioria. In the 1980s he helped to create the global healthy cities movement, and has been an internationally recognised leader in this area for more than 30 years. In recent years he has focused on the concept of a 'One Planet' community/region as a way to integrate the concepts of healthy and sustainable communities, and in retirement has started a new NGO, Conversations for a One Planet Region, to explore and popularise these ideas locally. 

Prof. KK Ling
Director, Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation, HK PolyU
Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Housing Society
Former Director of Planning, HKSARG
Former President, HKIP
Professor Ling focused on exploring innovative and practical social innovation solutions to respond to social challenges through engaging the trans-disciplinary forces of academia, NGOs, professional bodies, members of the public, corporations and the Government, and to assist in the formulation of proposals in accordance with the solutions, with a view to improving life in Hong Kong.