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HKIA 50th Anniversary Souvenir 2006


Price list of 50th Anniversary souvenirs is shown as follows:



  • Cap HK$40
  • T-shirt HK$80
  • Cap + T-shirt (package) HK$100
  • Mug HK$40
  • Non-woven bag (S, L) HK$10



  • Cap HK$50
  • T-shirt HK$100
  • Cap + T-shirt (package) HK$120
  • Mug HK$50
  • Non-woven bag (S, L) HK$10

The above price list is updated as of 16 January 2007.


Please click here for 50th Anniversary souvenir ordering form
Please click here for images of souvenirs




HKIA 50th Anniversary commemorative stamp pane 2006


The HKIA 50th Anniversary commemorative stamp pane is available for sale at the HKIA premises. There are two designs of stamp pane as follows, each stamp pane consists of 16 stamps of local postage:

Stamp pane A. HKIA Annual Awards Silver Medal 1974-1987

Stamp pane B. HKIA Annual Awards Medal of the Year/ Silver Medal 1989-2005

The stamp pane is for sale at HK$100 per pane. For ordering form please click the hyperlink shown as below.


HKIA 50th Anniversary commemorative stamp pane ordering form




HKIA Souvenirs


Name Card Holder - HK$30


Name Card Stand - HK$55


Letter Opener - HK$150


Tie - HK$45


Bow Tie - HK$45


Car Plate - HK$150