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Board of Practices

The Board of Practices (BP) oversees matters relating to private members practices, such as fee scale, job opportunities, small practices, etc.


Board of Practice:

  • To promote Registered Practices' work
  • To provide and disseminate information of possible projects / possibilities within and outside of Hong Kong as well as working environment of these countries /places
  • To handle matters relating to the admission of Corporate Members
  • To promote better communication and networking within Corporate Members
  • To provide services to Corporate Members, such as posting of job advertisements, conducting Practices Survey, provision of International Standards Online Library, etc.
  • To provide guidelines and criteria for the inclusion and renewal of the List of Band 3 Architectural Consultants of HKIA (Band 3 List)
  • To maintain the Band 3 List for public reference and undertake the annual updating and renewal of the Band 3 List
  • To deal with human resources, legal and finance issues relating to Registered Practices
  • To deal with special issues confronting Registered Practices
  • To deal with Corporate Sponsors

The Board currently has 2 Committees: 

1. BIM & IT Committee
To facilitate opportunities to understand the actual practice of BIM and other IT applications in Hong Kong and how it benefits the whole project team in real life projects.


2. Contract and Dispute Resolution Committee
To look after matters on the following aspects: 

  • The Standard Forms of Building Contract - With Quantities, Without Quantities; Agreement & Schedule of Conditions of Nominated Supply Contract; Agreement & Schedule of Conditions of Nominated Sub-Contract; Standard Form of Agreement between Client and Architect; and New Engineering Contract (NEC)
  • All matters related to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - Arbitration, Mediation, Expert Witness, Adjudication, etc.
  • Architects practice issues related to building contracts, dispute resolution and related laws
  • All liaison work with other professional institutions, educational and other related bodies on the subject matter on the subject matter
Board of Practices
  • MUI Kui Chuen Paul (Chair)
  • SIU Kwok Kin Stanley (Deputy Chair)
  • CHOI Wun Hing Donald  (President)
  • CHEUNG Kong Yeung Thomas (Vice President)
  • POON Ho Lun Allen (Hon Sec.)
  • IEONG In Leng Yvonne  (Advisor)
  • CHAN Wing Kai Aaron
  • CHAN Chung Yee Albert
  • CHOW Ka Wing Rachel
  • HAI Tuen Tai Freddie
  • HO Kin Wai Stephen
  • IP Man Kiu Irene
  • LAM Wai Pan Wilson
  • LEUNG Kit Man Andy
  • TSANG Boon Chi Benjamin
  • SUEN Warren Lampson
  • YU Franklin

Board Meeting Attendance Record

BIM and Smart City Committee
  • CHAN Wing Kai Aaron  (Chair)

  • CHOW Ka Wing Rachel (Deputy Chair)

  • LI Yan Yan Linda  (Deputy Chair)

  • CHAN Cho Sing Joel

  • CHUI Pak Chung Patrick

  • FUNG Shue Kin David

  • FUNG Yin Suen Ada

  • KLOCEK Marcin Tadeusz

  • MANG Yiu Wing

  • MUI Kui Cheun Paul


Contract & Dispute Resolution Committee
  • SUEN Warren Lampson (Co-Chairman)
  • IP Man Kiu Irene (Co-Chairman)
  • LAM Wai Pan Wilson (Deputy Chairman)
  • BURNS Nicholas Delisle (Deputy Chair & Advisor)
  • FUNG Yin Suen Ada (Advisor)
  • TONG Sin Ching Edward (Advisor)
  • CHEUNG Wing Man Vivian
  • CHUNG Kit Kwan Kate
  • HUI Kei Yan Lisa
  • LAI Wing Chung Michael
  • SZE Ivy
  • TONG Yee Hang Arthur
  • TSUI Garbrielle