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Call for Your Participation in HKIA Committees 2020

Circular No.: 1/2020

7 January 2020

Dear Members,

Call for Your Participation in HKIA Committees 2020

Our Institute functions with the Council together with 6 Boards and over 20 Committees to promote the betterment of Architecture and general benefits of our members.

Stepping into the new year 2020, the Council is making preparation for the formation of Committees under the new term.

Attached please find the list of HKIA Committees and their relevant objectives for your information.  By serving on the Committees, members should have prior experience in the Institute’s work before they are invited to join the Boards.

The running of the Committees is governed by the Institute’s Operations Manual Volume I implemented since 2009.  The key requirements on Committee member are:

  1. Willingness to contribute to provide energetic inputs;
  2. Commitment to share the work of the Boards and Committees;
  3. Be able to reach a minimum 50% meeting attendance annually as a target.

Frequency of the Committee meetings will be determined by the respective Committee Chairperson.  The participation will also be recognized under the HKIA CPD policy framework.

If you are interested in joining our Committees, please complete the attached reply form stating your preferences and return it to the Secretariat by 31 January 2020, Friday.

Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Crystal CHAN of the Secretariat at 2805 7096.

In case you would like to communicate with the 2020 Council Members, their email addresses are also attached herewith for your reference.

Thank you for your interest in participation and we look forward to working with you.


Yours sincerely,

Queenie WONG

Chief Operating Officer

HKIA Secretariat


Encl. Call for Your Participation in HKIA Committees 2020 and Reply Form [DOC] [PDF]