HKIA Award
HKIA Award - Residential Building

Award - Garden Crescent

The Architect: Ronald Lu & Partners
Client: Easyknit International Holdings Limited
Project Manager: Easyknit International Holdings Limited
M & E Consultant: PineBridge Consulting Limited
Structural Engineer: JMK Consulting Engineers Limited
Quantity Surveyor: AECOM Asia Company Limited
Main Contractor: Aggressive Construction Engineering Limited
Traffic Consultant:: CTA Consultants Limited
Land Surveyor: Sam Mak & Associates Surveyors (HK) Limited
Facade Consultant: Meinhardt Façade Technology (HK) Limited
Landscape Consultant (General): Colem Group Limited
Green Certificate Consultant (BeamPlus/LEED/WELL etc.): Urban Green Consultants Limited
Building Services/MEP Consultant: PineBridge Consulting Limited
Interior Designer: Bill’s Design Limited

Garden Crescent is a human-centric, “real forest” building that reintroduces nature into a dense urban environment with plant-filled courtyards. It embraces the design philosophy of “nature on every doorstep” without compromising energy and economic efficiency. Its innovative architectural form expresses three-dimensional, multi-layered green design through solid and void spaces that provides a wide range of environmental and social benefits. On podium grows a landscape of trees and flowering plants that help reduce the urban heat island effect by providing shade and evaporative cooling and improve air quality by filtering out pollutants. The unique external staircase creates a physically accessible and visually appealing route between courtyards promote an active lifestyle and serves as gathering spaces for residents, fostering a sense of community and social interaction. Garden Crescent is a prominent green landmark that not only uplifts quality of life of residents but also contributes to a more livable and sustainable future.


Award - Mei Yun Tang, New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學新亞書院梅雲堂

The Architect: PangArchitect + Spence Robinson Limited
Client: Campus Development Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Project Manager: Campus Development Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
M & E Consultant: M&P Consulting Engineers Limited
Structural Engineer: Chung & Ng Consulting Engineers Limited
Quantity Surveyor: KC Tang Consultants Limited
Facade Consultant: Front Inc.
Landscape design Consultant: ACLA Limited
Beam+ Consultant: BeeXergy Consulting Limited
Main Contractor: Build King Construction Limited

The interest in this project lies in designing the community within the student dormitory. The project site is in Shatin on a bucolic hillside on a university campus. Making a residential community for 300 students, the program includes 150 dormitory rooms, multipurpose hall, game room, study room, among other amenities. Our design intention is to maintain the sense of intimacy and close relationship between the students - we want the project to allow for opportunities where students can meet and encounter, to learn from each other through the way the architecture is designed. We create a series of small blocks for the students that spread throughout the site - by breaking down the hostel block into small volumes, the project reacts to the human scale and the natural setting of the site.

The concept of the transparent multipurpose hall is a collegiate “courtyard” where it embodies a shared platform to bring the different hostel blocks together, one that follows closely to the traditions of collegiate life in the Anglo-American framework that is Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge. It is essential that it is a space that is welcoming, inviting, transparent physically and conceptually to promote openness in education, both socially and intellectually.

本項目旨在透過規劃學生宿舍的空間,使宿舍形成一個社區。項目選址沙田香港中文大學校園一片綠意盎然的山坡上,當中包括 150 個宿生房間,以及多功能大廳、遊戲室與自修室等設施,是一個可容納 300 名學生的居住社區。我們希望能建立並維繫學生之間的親密感和密切關係——藉由此項目為學生提供機會,讓他們可因整個建築的規劃而相遇、相識,並相互學習。此外,這項目為學生在整個宿舍中安排了一系列的小區域,透過將各座宿舍分拆成不同的細小單元,呼應宿舍的人文尺度和自然環境。


Merit - Tenacity Residence, Ying Wa Street Modular Transitional Housing 喜信,英華街組合式過渡性房屋

The Architect: Thomas Chow Architects Limited
Client / Developer: The Society for Community Organization
Project Manager: Task Force on Transitional Housing, Housing Bureau, HKSAR
M & E Consultant: Meinhardt (M & E) Limited
Structural Engineer: David S.K. Au & Associates Limited
Quantity Surveyor: Beria Consultants Limited
Landscape Architect: Otherland Limited
Traffic Consultant: CTA Consultants Limited
Concept Designer: Make Room Community
Main Contractor: Yau Lee Construction Company Limited

Tenacity Residence is a two-block 140-unit transitional housing at Ying Wa Street, Sham Shui Po to provide homes with dignity and hope for the future, and to respond to the housing shortage issue in Hong Kong. Tenacity Residence offers a supportive community to be built up with practical and cost-effective methods adopting innovative modular integrated construction (MIC) technology. Opportunizing on the existing drainage reserve constraint on site, Tenacity Residence is set back to create a welcoming communal space between our residents and the neighborhood. Accessible landscapes such as playgrounds and intergenerational play space encourage social interaction among the residents and neighborhood. All corridors are open and naturally ventilated, reducing the energy demand for air-conditioning. All stairs, corridors and roof slabs are fully furnished off-site, and the pre- finished MiC units are designed to be dismantled and transferred to another location for use, enhancing its long term sustainability.

喜信過渡性房屋位於深水埗英華街,兩幢樓宇合共提供140個單位,以實而不華的設計為市民帶來家 園和希望,回應香港房屋短缺訴求。喜信把握現有渠務保留地,重新創造公共空間。長幼同樂場等無 障礙園景空間鼓勵鄰里互動。所有走廊均自然通風,節約空調能源。項目中的樓梯、走廊以至屋頂均 於廠房生產,「組裝合成」組件可拆卸並轉移到其他位置再用,具可持續性。

Merit - Villa Lucca - Residential Development at 36 Lo Fai Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong SAR, China

Architect, Lead Consultant, Interior Designer, Sustainable Design Consultant: DLN Architects Limited / OKA Architects
Client / Developer: Hysan Development Company Limited / HKR International Limited
Project Manager: HKR International Limited / Hysan Development Company Limited
M & E Consultant: Aurecon Hong Kong Limited
Structural Engineer: C M Wong & Associates Ltd
Quantity Surveyor: WT Partnership (HK) Limited
Main Contractor: Unistress Building Construction Ltd

This residential comprises of 14 low-rise towers of 5 storeys high and 36 houses of 3 storeys high. The buildings are arranged at both sides of a central meandering spine which also serves as emergency vehicular access. The outdoor swimming pool, which will be embraced by splendid vegetation, will form the focus of the major communal area in the development.

Vehicular circulation will be directed to the basement car park at the entrance plaza. The G/F landscaped deck is vehicular free to enhance the quality of amenity areas to be enjoyed by the residents. The residents’ club house is located near the street frontage along Lo Fai Road. The indoor recreational areas will interlock the sunken gardens on basement, the outdoor swimming pool and surrounding landscaped areas.

The internal layouts of the residential units with wide and spacious balconies aim to maximize natural ventilation.


車輛由入口廣場通往地下停車場。地面的景觀平台為行人專用區,以提高居民的休閒感受。住客會所位於地下層, 室內會所將地下室的下沉式花園、室外游泳池和周圍的景觀區連接起來。

Merit - Kouzan Woods

The Architect: Kouzan Asset Holdings Limited
Client / Developer: Kouzan Fudousan G.K.
Project Manager: AK Housing G.K.
Quantity Surveyor: Mutant Project Ltd.
Main Contractor: STEP Co.,Ltd.
Local Architect: CAVE Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Interior Designer: Mutant Project Ltd.

Kouzan Woods is a carefully designed 145m2, two-story cabin for vacation and skiing. Located in a protected zone of Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan, the site is surrounded by a scenic and colorful forest that changes throughout the four seasons. As both the design architect and the developer, our goal is to achieve harmony between nature and leisure. To achieve this, we embraced a minimalist approach with a simple gable roof and floor-to-ceiling glass, which minimizes the cabin's impact on the neighbourhood and seamlessly blends the boundary between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This approach creates a vessel that captures the beauty of the local weather and nature while providing comfort for those seeking relaxation and tranquility during their vacation.

Kouzan Woods是一座145平方米,兩層高的滑雪度假屋,位於日本北海道Niseko的保護區內,該項目被一片景 色瑰麗的森林包圍,景色四季不同色彩豐富。作為設計建築師和開發商,我們的願景是在自然和休閒 之間取得平衡。我們採用最簡單的三角屋頂和全落地玻璃设计,盡可能低調減少對周邊的影響。我們 試圖無縫地融合室內和室外空間的邊界,運用極簡的設計手法及細節創造一個簡單的盒子,捕捉每天 變幻的天氣和光影,在繁茂多變的深林美景內,為那些在度假期間尋求放鬆和寧靜的人們提供了舒恬 的時光。

Finalist - Residential Development at 8 Tsing Ha Lane TMTL 516

The Architect: AGC Design Limited
Client / Developer: L’AVENUE International Holdings Limited
Project Manager: L’AVENUE International Holdings Limited
M & E Consultant: J. Roger Preston Limited
Structural Engineer: Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited
Quantity Surveyor: KL Partnership Limited
Main Contractor: Hanison Contractors Limited

The residential building is situated in Tuen Mun, overlooking Castle Peak Beach, which served as a source of inspiration for the “White Waves” Design Concept. The development comprises two towers with 18 floors each, providing 80 flats sitting on a single-storey podium with a two-storey basement carpark. The total gross floor area of the project is 19,141 sq.m. The design concept "White Wave" aims to echo waves along shoreline and maximize the stunning views of the sea and the beach for all residents. Tuen Mun is a fast-growing district renowned for its natural beauty, historical landmarks, and cultural attractions, making it an ideal location for this high-tier residential development.

此住宅樓位於屯門,俯瞰青山灣,是“白浪”設計概念的靈感來源。 該發展項目由兩座大廈組成,每座18層,提供80個單位,設有單層平台和兩層地下停車場。 項目總建築面積19,141平方米。 “白浪”旨在呼應海岸線的波浪,讓居民都能欣賞海洋和海灘的壯麗景色。 屯門以其自然美景、歷史地標和文化景點而聞名,是高級住宅開發的理想地點。


The Architect: Ronald Lu & Partners
Client / Developer: Sino Land Company Limited
Project Manager: Sino Land Company Limited
M & E Consultant: WSP (Asia) Ltd.
Structural Engineer: Ben Tse & Associates Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor: AECOM Cost Consulting (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Main Contractor: WECON Construction & Engineering Limited
BIM Consultant: Isbim Limited
Building Services/MEP Consultant: WSP (Asia) Ltd.
Civil Engineering Consultant: Ben Tse & Associates Ltd.
Environment Consultant (Air/AVA): Ramboll Environ Hong Kong Ltd.
Facade Consultant: Meinhardt Façade Technology (HK) Ltd.
Geotechnical Engineering: Ben Tse & Associates Ltd.
Green Certificate Consultant (BeamPlus etc): Allied Environmental Consultants Ltd.
Green Certificate Consultant (WELL): WSP (Asia) Ltd.
Interior Designer: VIA Architecture Ltd.
Landscape Consultant (General): Otherland Limited
Planning Consultant: Lanbase Surveyors Ltd.
Traffic Consultant: MVA Asia

Silversands is a new low-density development of four nine-storey residential towers located in stunning Starfish Bay in Ma On Shan in the eastern New Territories. Embraced by trees, the site lies in close proximity to the area’s sandy beaches. Inspired by its unique setting, the architecture of Silversands blends seamlessly with nature, creating a tranquil hideaway for its residents. Its small site area of only 4,600 m2, coupled with building height restrictions made the site planning quite challenging.

Its 160 units range in size from one to four bedrooms, with all four-bedroom units having panoramic views of Starfish Bay. A two-storey clubhouse with a small gymnasium and a function room is located at one end of the site, while a ground-floor covered lounge acts as the entrance to the clubhouse. A landscaped strip along the southeast boundary forms a buffer between the development and the adjoining nature reserve.

低密度臨海大宅SILVERSANDS坐落於烏溪沙風景如畫的海星灣,由四座九層高住宅組成,提供160伙1 至4房單位,四居室公寓均飽瞰無敵海景,設有兩層高會所、小型健身室及多用途室。東南面景觀帶 為項目與毗鄰自然保育區的緩衝區。受其獨特環境啟發,設計團隊將建築與自然無縫融合,並克服場地面積及高度限制,創造如世外桃源般的悠然居所。

Finalist - Po Leung Kuk Lee Shau Kee Youth Oasis 保良局李兆基青年綠洲

The Architect: P&T Architects Ltd.
Client / Developer: Po Leung Kuk
Project Manager: Po Leung Kuk
M & E Consultant: P&T (M & E) Ltd.
Structural Engineer: P&T Engineers Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor: AECOM Hong Kong
Main Contractor: Build King Construction Limited
Other Contractors: Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Limited, Urbis Limited

Po Leung Kuk Lee Shau Kee Youth Oasis (Youth Oasis) is one of the seven Youth Hostel Scheme (YHS) launched by the Government in the 2011-12 Policy Address, which aiming to unleash the potential of under-utilized sites held by non- government organization and to meet the aspirations of some working youth in having their own living spaces.

The Youth Oasis is a 27 storeys building located at 18 Tai Shu Ha Road West, Yuen Long. The site occupies an area of 6 118 m2 with total construction floor area (CFA) about 41 159 m2. The building tower comprises a non-domestic portion (From B/F to 1/F) providing library, reading room, multi-purpose room, outdoor basketball court, kitchen, terrace garden and basement car-park; and the domestic portion above (from 2/F to 25/F) provides total 1680 bedspaces including communal kitchen and laundry room on each floor to accommodate working youth aged between 18 to 30.

保良局李兆基⻘年綠洲是政府在2011至12年施政報告中推出的7個⻘年宿舍計劃之一。 位於元朗大樹下⻄路18號,層數27層,佔地面積約六千平方米。它的非住宅部分提供公共設施有圖書 館、閱覽室、多用途室、籃球場、廚房、平台花園及停車場。 住宅部分共提供1680個宿位,每層有共用廚房和洗衣間, 為18至30歲在職青年提供獨立生活空間。

HKIA Award - Commercial Building


The Architect: Ronald Lu & Partners in collaboration with Snøhetta Client Nan Fung Development Limited
Project Manager: Rich Union Development Limited
M & E Consultant: Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited / J. Roger Preston Limited
Structural Engineer: Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited
Quantity Surveyor: Arcadis Hong Kong Limited
Main Contractor: Hip Hing Construction Company Limited
Executive Landscape Architect: Urbis Limited

“AIRSIDE” is a grade A office and retail development located on a comprehensive development area site and also the heart of the former Kai Tak Airport site. It is a 200m high, 1.9 million ft² mixed-use commercial development in the Kai Tak area which consists of a 32-storey Grade A office, a multi-storey retail complex, a public transport interchange, an all-weather landscaped elevated walkway, basement car parking facilities and retail with an underground shopping street directly connected to Kai Tak Station. All are coupled with cascading greenery, open-air rooftop, terraces, surrounding grounds and extensive 56,000 ft² of greenery spaces for activities and respite.

The vision of the project is to create a place for “Wholeness”, a people-oriented environment, socially inclusive community with exemplary environmental performance and innovative sustainable features. It will certainly be a new landmark in Kai Tak which brings in not only greening, entertainment and job opportunities to the community but also makes the neighbourhood a better living space.

位於舊啟德機場核心區域前址的 “AIRSIDE”是一個綜合發展區的甲級寫字樓和零售發展項目。項目總建築面積為1,900,000平方英尺,高達200公尺,由32層甲級辦公室、多層購物商場、公共運輸交匯處、全天候高架行人天橋、地下停車場及與啟德站直接相連的地下購物街組成。設施與綠化庭園、露天平台和56,000平方英尺的廣闊綠地活動區連接,提供活動和休息的空間。


Award - CaiNiao Headquarters 菜鳥集團總部大樓

The Architect: Aedas Limited
Client / Developer: Zhejiang Cainiao Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.
Local Design Institution: East China Architectural Design & Research Institute
M & E Consultant: East China Architectural Design & Research Institute
Structural Engineer: East China Architectural Design & Research Institute
Quantity Surveyor: Arcadis
Main Contractor: The First Construction Engineering Limited Company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau

The client envisions the headquarter campus to create a strong sense of belonging and happiness for its staff, safely and efficiently fulfilling its 10000 staff’s need of daily work and business activities.

Being the headquarters of a logistics giant, ‘Connectivity’ is one of the most important design considerations. The planning and design of the headquarters building is inspired by a space station. By connecting the ring to a central circulation core, staff can move around in the headquarters much more conveniently.

The headquarters building is divided into four courtyards by the amount of office space. Each courtyard features different themes based on the interior functions of the ground floor: events, sports, dining and conference. The four courtyards are interconnected by a central atrium which creates a communal hub of the headquarters.

菜鳥希望通過總部大樓的設計,為其萬名員工提供一個令人愉悅且有歸屬感的辦公及商務環境。作為物流巨頭的總部,“連通性”是最重要的設計考慮因素之一。總部大樓的佈局和設計靈感來自空間 站。通過連接環形各邊至中央樞紐,使員工在總部內的交通更便捷。總部大樓被辦公空間劃分出四個內庭院,每個內庭院結合首層的室內功能被賦予不同的主題,包括活動、運動、餐飲和會議。四個庭院通過一個中央中庭相互連接,形成了總部的公共中心。

Merit - The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong 香港富麗敦海洋公園酒店

The Architect: Aedas Limited
Client / Developer: Parkland (Hong Kong) Limited, which is held indirectly by Sino Land Company Limited and Empire Group Holdings Limited
Structural Engineer: SYW and Associates Ltd.
M & E Engineer: Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor: AECOM
Main Contractor: Gammon Construction Limited
Interior Design: Blink Design Group Pte Limited, LCL Architects Limited, Moty’s Design Limited
Lighting Consultant: Lighting Planners Associates
Landscape Consultant: P Landscape Co., Limited

The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong is a luxury oceanfront resort hotel situated along Hong Kong's southern coastline in Shum Wan, backed by Brick Hill and fronting the South China Sea. With its waterfront location, the hotel enjoys a tranquil atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of a city, yet with very convenient accessibility to the public transportation.

Inspired by its unique landscape and marine surroundings, the oceanfront hotel takes the architectural form of two streamlined towers that respond and blend comfortably within the existing topography, on top of a cascading podium with outdoor terraces stepping down towards the seaside architectural language creates a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing in nature into the architecture.


Merit - Taikoo Li Qiantan 前灘太古里

The Architect: LWK + PARTNERS (HK) Limited (Project Architect) 5+design Shanghai (Design Architect)
Client / Developer: Shanghai Qianxiu Company Limited
Project Manager: Shanghai Qianxiu Company Limited
Lead Consultant: LWK + PARTNERS (HK) Limited
M & E Consultant: Arup International Consultants (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Structural Engineer: Arup International Consultants (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor: WT Partnership(Shanghai) Limited
Main Contractor: Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Building Services Engineer - Arup International Consultants (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Façade Engineer - Arup International Consultants (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Façade Design - 5+design Shanghai, LWK + PARTNERS
Interior Design - 5+design Shanghai, LWK + PARTNERS Interior Design Limited
BD Manager - Environmental Market Solutions, Inc.,
Local Design Institute - Tongji Architecture Design (Group) Co., Ltd.

Taikoo Li Qiantan is a high-quality, sustainable commercial mixed-use project in Shanghai. Total GFA is approximately 21,000 m2 of retail area, together with hotel and office use in the whole development in completed phases nearby.

This new landmark emphasis on WELLNESS, with its sustainable design, and high-quality output, it has reshaped the traditional shopping trend and enhanced the experience in the environment. Taikoo Li Qiantan granted the first retail project awarded in WELL v2 pilot Core Certificate in Platinum Grade, LEED BD+C Core, and Shell GOLD certification. It also received the Grand Award in the Quality Building Award 2022 (Building Outside Hong Kong Category).

太古里前灘是位於上海的商業綜合項目,包括零售、酒店和辦公樓。這個上海新地標將健康生活重新 定義,透過高品質和可持續設計,改變傳統購物模式,提升環境體驗。項目為全球首家商場榮獲WELL 健康建築標準鉑金級認證的殊榮,並獲中國綠色建築評價標準二星級設計認證、和LEED 金級認證,2022年更獲得優質建築獎大獎(香港以外地區)。

Merit - Chongqing Gaoke Group Ltd Office Project 重慶高科太陽座

The Architect: Aedas
Client / Developer: Chongqing Gaoke Group Co., Ltd.
M & E Consultant: China Southwest Architecture Design and Research Institute Corp. Ltd
Structural Engineer: Chongqing Architectural Design Institute Co., LTD.
Main Contractor: Chongqing Construction Engineering Group Corporation Limited

Completed in 2022, Aedas-designed Chongqing Gaoke Group Ltd Office Project utilises a simple elegant form. It is derived from the northern light, which creates the twisting shape of the 180m tall tower to form expressive double-curved surfaces on the building façades. Vertical lines accentuate the minimalistic form and through the effect of reflection and refraction from the glass create a design statement that celebrates light as the major tool to define architecture.

日出山城,陽光穿過雲層在雙曲立面上,如極光般跳躍閃動,這正是由Aedas設計的重慶高科太陽座 ,項目目前已竣工交付。作為“世界第一扭”的強力競爭者,立面輪廓的直線與曲線,在鋼筋水泥間咬 合錯疊,玻璃幕牆隨之彎轉變化,以堅硬的建築材質表現了柔韌的弧度之美,為重慶這座熱烈的城市 添加一道“北極之光”。

Finalist - Regala Skycity Hotel 麗豪航天城酒店

The Architect: Paliburg Development Consultants Limited
Client / Developer: Regal Hotels International
Project Manager: Paliburg Development Consultants Limited
M & E Consultant: WSP Hong Kong Ltd.
Structural Engineer: SYW & Associates Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor: WT Partnership (HK) Ltd.
Main Contractor: Unistress Building Construction Ltd.

The Regala Skycity Hotel is a uniquely shaped building that maximizes the potential of its triangular site. The project brief was to create a functional and luxurious hotel that incorporates natural light, green spaces, and stunning Hong Kong Airport Runway views. The design is innovative, visually engaging, and energy-efficient, adhering to local building codes and regulations. The exterior of the building is completed with a unitized curtain wall system, which offers a sleek and modern appearance while also being highly energy- efficient and sustainable. The reflective glass used in the system allows the building to blend seamlessly into its environment, creating a mirrored effect that reflects the blue sky and surroundings.

Regala Skycity Hotel aims to create a luxurious and comfortable space for guests with exceptional hospitality services and amenities. The hotel offers a range of guest rooms and suites, along with several dining options, recreational facilities, and meeting spaces.


Finalist - The Guanlu Art Hotel 觀廬藝術酒店

The Architect: Dr. Allan Ting / ADARC International Studio Ltd
Client / Developer: Guangzhou Yunling Lake Concept Hotel Co., LTD
Project Manager: Guangzhou Mingtang decoration design engineering Co., LTD
Main Contractor: Guangzhou Mingtang decoration design engineering Co., LTD

Located next to the beautiful environment of Maling Reservoir, Guanlu Art Hotel has a strong regional cultural identity. The vision of its renovation is to integrate into nature with the existing architectural conditions, to present the spirit in Lingnan culture in a humble manner, to reflect the social value under the strategy of rural revitalization, and to contain the heritage in introversion. Through the traditional characteristic symbols, we create an architectural language with locality in the new materials, reflecting the strong spirit of Lingnan culture that dares to break through the tradition and pioneer. The use of architectural language to reactivate the site aims to embody the social and spiritual values of openness, diversity and olerance.


HKIA Award - Institutional Building

Award - Cheung Sha Wan Primary School 長沙灣小學

The Architect: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Client / Developer: Education Bureau, HKSAR Government
Project Manager: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
M & E Consultant: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Structural Engineer: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Quantity Surveyor: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Main Contractor: Joint Venture of John Lok & Wanson Construction Limited

Cheung Sha Wan Primary School, locating at Tonkin Street, is the reprovisioning of Pak Tin Catholic Primary School which was previously operated in a sub-standard premise in the Sham Shui Po District. The school accommodates 30 typical classrooms with other teaching rooms and ancillary facilities. The project site occupies an area of around 6,500 sq.m., surrounded by high-rise residential buildings, leaving limited views from within.

The three main blocks: assembly hall, functional teaching room and classroom are arranged around the central ball court. Open corridors, balconies, overlooking terraces, benches and big windows are designed on different levels, facing the circular ramp, to bring closer the different spaces and activities, encouraging interactions as in the form of an outdoor theatre. On-grade planting and green roof also provide green scenery for the interiors, composing the layers of spatial experience, attracting communications between indoor and the open spaces.

興建於東京街的長沙灣小學,重置當區的白田天主教小學,佔地約6,500平方米。項目包括30個標準課 室、其他教學室及附屬設施。禮堂、特別室和班房三棟大樓圍繞著中心球場。開放式走廊、平台、長椅及大窗在不同樓層俯瞰孤形坡道,立體地將空間連結,像戶外劇場般,鼓勵互動。地面及屋頂綠化也為室內提供園景,增強空間內外的聯繫。

Award - Victoria Park Academy, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山區麗林維育國際學校

The Architect: Frankie Lui, Anita Lo, Vienna So, Poon Siu Fung, Zhong Yinghao, Wang Shuchen, Zeng Xieze, Liu Mengyu, Wang Jue, Huang Weiteng
Client / Developer: Victoria Park Academy
Project Manager: Shenzhen SDCIC Decoration & Construction Industrial Co. Ltd.
M & E Consultant: Guangdong HDXW Design Engineer Co. Ltd.
Structural Engineer: Guangdong HDXW Engineer Co. Ltd.
Main Contractor: Shenzhen SDCIC Decoration & Construction Industrial Co. Ltd.

"Picturesque Campus": Victoria Park Academy, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Situated adjacent to the Lilin Park, the campus is surrounded by nature. The design takes inspiration from its surroundings and tries to create a harmonious environment with students and teachers at its core. We preserve the original gable roof structure, which is a series of M-shaped gables that echo with the hills where the site is set. A “Blue Mountain Corridor”, shaped like flowing water, is a centerpiece that connects the whole campus. Like an endless river of knowledge, the Corridor brings students from the Salon to the Grand Steps, and to the Atrium Courtyard; besides serving the purpose of circulation, it also facilitates interactions at different scales, such as reading, discussions, group play, seminar, and speeches etc. The new campus design tries to promote social interaction and collaboration, and at the same time, bringing nature seamlessly into the campus.



Merit - The Siu Lam Integrated Rehabilitation Services Complex 小欖綜合康復服務大樓

The Architect: Ronald Lu & Partners
Client / Developer: Social Welfare Department, HKSARG
Project Manager: Social Welfare Department, HKSARG
M & E Engineer: WSP (Asia) Ltd.
Structural Engineer: WSP Hong Kong Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor: Rider Levett Bucknall Ltd.
Main Contractor: Penta Ocean Construction Co. Ltd.
Landscape Consultant: Urbis Ltd.
Environmental / BEAM Plus Consultant: WSP (Asia) Ltd.
Traffic Consultant: MVA Hong Kong Ltd.

The Integrated Rehabilitation Services Complex is built as part of a special initiative to increase residential care places in Hong Kong for persons with severe to moderate mental and/or physical disabilities or chronic mental illnesses. The complex redefines the idea of a care home – by taking a human-centric design approach throughout and prioritising residents’ dignity and well-being. It provides 1,700 places for one-stop services with 2 types of day training/vocational rehabilitation services and 5 different residential care services.

Built on land made available after relocation of the ex-Siu Lam Hospital, the complex adapts to existing topography via a low block and a high block design. This minimizes site formation works, reduces massing and visual impacts onto the surroundings while maximizing natural light and greenery for the users. The large building footprints minimise traveling within the complex, allowing more time to provide for services and activities catering to their specific needs.


Merit - Redevelopment of Ying Wa Girls' School 英華女學校

The Architect: P&T Architects Limited
Client / Developer: The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China & Ying Wa Girls' School
Structural Engineer: P&T Engineers Limited
M & E Engineer: P&T (M & E) Limited
Geotechnical Engineer: A-tech LF & Associates Ltd
Landscape Consultant: Urbis Limited
Quantity Surveyor: WT Partnership (HK) Limited
Main Contractor: CR Construction Company Limited

The existing campus of Ying Wa Girls’ School (YWGS) on 76 Robinson Road was built in 1953 and 1967, with a former kindergarten block built in 1926. However the existing school site area of about 4,921 m2 is far below the standard site area of 6,950 m2 for a government subvented 30-classroom secondary school. Hence Education Bureau gave his consent to redevelop the existing YWGS by upgrading the school facilities to meet the prevailing standards and requirements for effective teaching and learning. In order to overcome the shortage of land, the former Nethersole Hospital on Breezy Path with an area of 2,850 m2 was also allocated to YWGS as part of the whole redevelopment project. The preservation of the 1926 building, which is a proposed Grade 3 historical building that housed the first kindergarten in Hong Kong will be a significant part of the architectural design in new campus.

英華女學校現有校舍位於羅便臣道76號,建於1953及1967年。由於舊校設施及面積均低於現時標準中學的要求和面積, 教育局批准重建學校並升級設施,以滿足現行教學標準。 為克服土地短缺問題,位於卑利士道前那打素醫院的用地,也劃撥作整個英華女學校重建的一部分。而1926 這擬議三級歷史建築物會保留及活化並融合在將來新校舍設計中。

Merit - Chung Chi Student Development Complex, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 崇基學生發展綜合大樓

Architect, Lead Consultant, Interior Designer, Sustainable Design Consultant: Leigh & Orange Limited
Client and Project Manager: Campus Development Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Building Services Engineer: J. Roger Preston Limited
Structural and Geotechnical Engineer: Greg Wong & Associates Ltd.
Landscape Consultant: Urbis Limited
BEAM Consultant: Telemax Environmental and Energy Management Limited
Acoustic Consultant: Shen Milsom & Wilke Ltd
Traffic Consultant: MVA Asia Ltd
Quantity Surveyor: K C Tang Consultants Ltd.
Main Contractor: Unistress Building Construction Limited

The Chung Chi Student Development Complex is a pioneering project at the Chung Chi Campus of The Chinese University of Hong Kong to redevelop the old campus built in 1960s into a student-oriented, healthy, and green campus with a wide range of amenities and communal spaces such as mini-theatre, exhibition hall, gym and yoga centre as well as student wellness centre. The project aims to create a new pedestrian-friendly journey with public realm, enhances campus walkability and connectivity, promotes a low-carbon prototype for campus development, and establishes a green lifestyle showcase for the staff and students. The building is also designed to retain the unique architectural style and materials of existing Chung Chi Campus, with integration into the campus nature, in order to bring the College Spirit to the next generation.

崇基學生發展綜合大樓是香港中文大學展示可持續發展的被動式設計如何能造福整個大學,打造可持續和環保未來的第一步。 重建項目旨在通過師生日常生活使用建築物和步行時享受綠色校園生活及減少能源消耗,提倡低碳生活的概念典範。

Finalist - St Paul's Catholic Day Nursery 天主教聖保祿幼兒園

The Architect: Eureka Limited
Client / Developer: The Mother Superior of the Soeurs de Saint Paul de Chartres (Hong Kong)
Project Manager: Eureka Limited
M & E Consultant: Richmond Consulting Engineers
Structural Engineer: APT Engineering Consultant Limited
Quantity Surveyor: C.S. Toh & Sons & Associates Limited
Traffic Consultant: LLA Consultancy Ltd.
Main Contractor: Dao Kee Construction Co Ltd

HUT AND FIELDS - The nursery design is to create a multifaceted arena for the little ones where interesting stories could happen. Given a 18m by 30m footprint sitting in a unique urban lot with 4 candlenut trees, a 7-storey stacking of many otherly worlds slowly emerges. Children shall walk through a vast vertical landscape with small huts where they shall find each hut is a little different from each other. The design intends to break away from typical plan with repeated layout to create a diversity of space. The “fields” are activity rooms where large windows open up the space flooded in natural light. The “hut” are the refined calm classrooms, where small windows frame views of the immediate context.

小屋和田野 - 幼兒園的設計是希望為小孩創造一個能讓各種有趣事情有機地發生的多面舞台。一片佔地18x30米,自成一角的城市地段上由4棵石栗樹,慢慢長出7層高的堆疊世界。小孩們穿梭在樓層間垂直分佈的「小屋」,探索不同的空間故事。

Finalist - Maryknoll Secondary School at Anderson Road 安達臣道瑪利諾中學

The Architect: Architectural Services Department
Client / Developer: Education Bureau
Project Manager: Architectural Services Department
M & E Consultant: Architectural Services Department
Structural Engineer: Architectural Services Department
Quantity Surveyor: Architectural Services Department
Main Contractor: China Overseas Building Construction Ltd.

The project is for the construction of a secondary school at Anderson Road, Kwun Tong for the reprovisioning of Maryknoll Secondary School (MSS). Design thinking was adopted to ideate and create the new campus. The outcome is a bespoke building capturing the history of the school, embracing their innovative tradition, and above all, echoing their founding motto - ad astra. The concept of architectural design is that a school shall not envelope, but empower students to explore and develop themselves on life’s winding road.

團隊採用了設計思維來構想和創建瑪利諾中學位於觀塘安達臣道發展區的新校園。新校舍是一座量身定制的建築,不但呼應了學校的歷史,擁抱了他們的創新傳統,最重要的是回應了辦學團體的創校格言 - 遂星。這座建築的設計以不規範學生發展主要理念,提供空間鼓勵學生在人生的曲折道路上探索和發展自己。

Finalist - New Territories Forensic Medicine Centre 新界(沙田)法醫學大樓

The Architect: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Client / Developer: Department of Health, HKSAR Government
Project Manager: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
M & E Consultant: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Structural Engineer: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Quantity Surveyor: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Main Contractor: Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
Building Services Contractor: ATAL Engineering Limited
BIM Consultant: RH Studio Limited

New Territories (Shatin) Forensic Medicine Centre is located at Fu Shan, Shatin, for the reprovisioning of Fu Shan Public Mortuary. It is built to provide more body storage spaces in response to the quest of increasing demand in Hong Kong and enhance the quality of public mortuary services. The site is around 6,600 sq.m. The building comprises eight autopsy suites, nine cold rooms and one deep freezer, functional facilities including body identification areas, interview rooms, facilities for bereavement services, autopsy viewing rooms, laboratories and offices, etc. This Forensic Medicine Centre is designed to meet the modern standards of public mortuary.

新界(沙田)法醫學大樓位於沙田富山,用以重置富山公眾殮房,提升公眾殮房的遺體存放量,以應付 香港日漸增加的法醫服務需求和提升公眾殮房的質素。該項目佔地約6,600平方米。大樓內設有8個剖 驗套間、9個冷藏室和1個冷藏庫、以及其他運作設施,包括遺體辨認區、會見室、喪親家屬支援設施 、觀剖室、化驗室及辦公室等。大樓的設計確保在傳染病控制、職業安全和衞生方面均符合現代公眾 殮房的標準。

Finalist - Jockey Club Kitchee Centre 賽馬會傑志中心

The Architect: VPANG Architects Limited
Client / Developer: Kitchee Foundation Limited
Project Manager: VPANG Architects Limited
M & E Consultant: PAEMS Engineering Limited
Structural Engineer: Wong & Ouyang (Civil-Structural Engineering) Limited
Main Contractor: VAP Design & Construction Limited
Other Contractors: Konwo Modular House Limited

As one of the most prestigious football clubs in Hong Kong, Kitchee Sports Club has been sparing no effort in promoting football culture in Hong Kong. In 2015, Jockey Club Kitchee Centre was opened to put forward professional football training for local enthusiasts. In 2017, the Club decided to extend the centre to accommodate extra supporting facilities of international standards. While the site is operating at a short-term tenancy agreement with the government subject to renewal in the future, the client preferred a design solution with high cost efficiency. Minimal disturbance to daily operation during construction period is also required.

The design with steel structure and corrugated metal panel minimized on-site construction work. The lightweight morphing screen at the envelope gives an eye-catching feature to be viewed from a distance across the river. A statement design is achieved through low cost and simply-fabricated metal components.


HKIA Award - Public Space / Civic / Communal Building

Award - Quarryside 舍區

The Architect: MATTER Limited
Client / Developer: St. James' Settlement
Project Manager: Swire Properties Limited
M & E Consultant: David S.K. Au & Associates Limited
Structural Engineer: APT Engineering Consultant Limited
Quantity Surveyor: Beria Consultants Limited
Landscape Architect: Otherland Limited
Main Contractor: Chun Wo Elegant Decoration Engineering Company Limited

QUARRYSIDE has transformed a vacant land plot spanning 3,740 sqm into a vibrant leisure space for community-led creative initiatives. The centerpiece of the development is the 50m long, single-storey Main Pavilion, which includes an amphitheater, community kitchen, workshop space, and several multi-function rooms. The two sides of the Main Pavilion is flanked by a great lawn and paved area with wavy pattern which provide ample public open space for the public to enjoy. The Annex Block along the site boundary houses restrooms and back-of-house facilities.

The project is financially supported under the “Funding Scheme to Support the Use of Vacant Government Sites by Non-government Organizations” of the Development Bureau, HKSAR.


Award - Baoan Cultural Complex 寶安區中心區中央綠軸公共建築

The Architect: Rocco Design Architects Associates Ltd Client / Developer: Library: Shenzhen Baoan Central District Planning and Construction Management Office
Youth Palace: Shenzhen Baoan Central District Planning and Construction Management Office
Performing Arts Centre: Overseas Chinese Town
Project Manager: Library: Works Bureau of Shenzhen Baoan District
Youth Palace: Works Bureau of Shenzhen Baoan District
Performing Arts Centre: Overseas Chinese Town
M & E Consultant: Library: Architecture Design & Research Institute of South China University of Technology
Youth Palace: Architecture Design & Research Institute of South China University of Technology
Performing Arts Centre: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design Co. Ltd.
Structural Engineer:Library: Architecture Design & Research Institute of South China University of Technology
Youth Palace: Architecture Design & Research Institute of South China University of Technology
Performing Arts Centre: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design Co. Ltd.
Main Contractor: Library: China Railway Group Limited
Youth Palace: Szjianye Construction Engineering Group Co. Ltd.
Performing Arts Centre: China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co. Ltd.

The design emerges from three simple rectangular boxes in the three designated locations on site. The three boxes are then morphed and transformed according to each individual program and site requirements, and developed into three unique and responsive objects while maintaining consistency in architectural design. The Library, Youth Palace, Performing Arts Centre are aligned to the adjacent landscaped stripe, and further connected with landscaped deck to enhance the connection between the buildings, relationship with the site and adjacent landscape, and continuity of the development.

The Architectural design and arrangement of the programmatic spaces are consistent with the eastern landscape stripe. The central lagoon serves as a focal area of the cultural district, and visually opens the city towards the waterfront, and a lateral linkage between The architecture and the opposite wetland park. The integration between architecture and landscape becomes a statement responding to the Bao’an Central District development within its greater ecological environment.


Merit - Design Trust Futures Studio Micro-parks 「未.共研社」微型公園

The Team: Design Trust Futures Studio team of
Lead Curator: Marisa Yiu;
Yi Pei Square Playground Mentor: Mimi Hoang; Designer-mentees: Kay Chan, Christopher Choi, Stephen Ip, Jonathan Mak;
Portland Street Rest Garden Mentor: Sam Jacob; Designer-mentees: Kam Fai Hung, Xavier Tsang, Ricky Lai, Wendy Wu;
Sitting-out Area under Flyover in Hill Road Mentor: Gary Chang; Designer-mentees: Aron Tsang, Andy Cheng, Zoey Chan, Jose Fu;
Hamilton Street Rest Garden Mentor: Stanley Wong; Designer-mentees: Elaine Tsui, Vivian Ng, Samuel Wong, Owen Chim, Sylvia Chan.
In partnership with Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office (ceased operation from 1 July 2022), Architectural Services Department and Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
Client Department: Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Project Manager: Architectural Services Department
M & E Engineer: Architectural Services Department
Structural Engineer: Architectural Services Department
Quantity Surveyor: Architectural Services Department
Main Contractor: Cheung Hing Construction Co., Ltd.

As conceptual designer and lead organiser, Design Trust Futures Studio has led and engaged, conducted research and design four micro-parks as public spaces of the future since 2018. These locations include: Portland Street Rest Garden, Hamilton Street Rest Garden, the Sitting-Out Area under Flyover in Hill Road, and Yi Pei Square Playground. The aim is to transform the micro-park designs into reality, with Architectural Services Department as the works agent and Leisure and Cultural Services Department as the client of the parks. Capital works and support for the construction of the Yi Pei Playground were sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and funded by the Hong Kong SAR government. The three other parks capital works are supported by the Hong Kong SAR government. From 2019 onwards Design Trust committed and volunteered to continue the efforts.

由2018年起作為概念設計師及主辦單位,「未.共研社」以探索公共空間的未來發展為主軸,帶領、 研究及設計出四個先導微型公園。四個公共空間分別為:砵蘭街休憩花園、咸美頓街休憩花園、山道 天橋底休憩處和二陂坊遊樂場。微型公園的構思經審批後將遂一落實,由建築署作為工程代理方,康 樂及文化事務署作為公園的用戶部門,二陂坊遊樂場的基礎工程及興建公園方面則由香港賽馬會慈善 信託基金贊助,以及由香港特區政府資助。另外三個花園的興建則由香港特區政府資助。自2019年開 始,信言設計大使「未.共研社」持續完成此項目。

Merit - Columbarium at Wo Hop Shek Cemetery Phase I, Fanling, Hong Kong SAR, China 中國香港特別行政區粉嶺和合石墳場骨灰安置所第一期

The Architect: DLN Architects Limited
Client / Developer: Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, HKSAR Government
Project Manager: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
M & E Consultant: AECOM Asia Company Limited
Structural Engineer: WSP HK Limited
Quantity Surveyor: Beria Consultants Limited
Main Contractor: Chun Wo Construction and Engineering Co. Ltd

The proposed project “Provision of Columbarium at Wo Hop Shek Cemetery – Phase 1” is to provide 44,000 niches at Kiu Tau Road, Wo Hop Shek Cemetery (WHSC) to meet public demand. The proposed scope comprise the following facilities:
1.Construction of multi-storey blocks at sites T3A and T3B.
2.Provision of a Pick-up / Drop-off Area (PDA) at the junction of Kiu Tau Road and Tai Wo Services Road West.
3.Enhancement works at Kiu Tau Road to widen footpath from existing 1.7m wide to 3m wide to enhance the capacity of the walkway.
4.Provision of a leisure area at exiting FEHD ex-staff quarter abutting Wo Ka Lau Road.
5.Demolition of all 7 exiting ex-staff quarter buildings.


Finalist - Sky Bridge in Hong Kong International Airport 香港國際機場內的天際走廊

The Architect: AMQ Limited/ arQstudio Ltd
Client / Developer: Hong Kong Airport Authority
Project Manager: Hong Kong Airport Authority
M & E Consultant: J. Roger Preston Limited
Structural Engineer: YWL Engineering Pte Ltd
Quantity Surveyor: China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited
Main Contractor: China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited
Sustainable Design Consultant: BeeXergy Consulting Ltd
Lighting Consultant: Isometrix Lighting Design
Traffic Consultant: LLA Consultancy Ltd

Appeared as a bridge of 130m span 28m high, the bridge is practically a 10-storey fully all-weather 24-hour in operation building of about max. floor plate 3800sqm. with amenities of restaurants, an information centre, shops, viewing decks and interesting glass floors experience apart from being an easier and more energy-efficient connection between two concourses. The bridge building with a record-breaking span allowing A380 airplanes to pass through, showcases a seamless integration of architecture and engineering. To avoid disruption to airplane traffic, the bridge was well-coordinated and prefabricated with most of the roof and curtain wall completed offsite. It was then hoisted into position overnight with remarkable accuracy. Special effort was taken to create a minimalistic exterior and interior to celebrate the bold structure and elegant arch.

跨度130米,高28米的的天際走廊,實際為一座樓高十層、全天候、二十四小時運作,全大平面約三千八佰米的建築物,走廊內包括了餐廳、資料館、商店、觀景台、特殊體驗的設玻璃地台等。走廊讓乘客步行至衛星客運樓,代替接駁巴士服務,節省能源和運作成本。 項目的是結構與建築的完美結合,它破紀錄跨度,讓最大的飛機A380也能通過,建築師更銳意把複雜的功能化繁為簡,以簡約大氣的室內外設計,凸顯結構高效的設計、明朗而優雅的線條。

HKIA Award - Industrial / Infrastructural Building

Award - Admiralty Station Extension 金鐘站擴建

The Architect: Arup / MTR Project Team
Client / Developer: The Government of Hong Kong SAR, MTR Corporation Limited
Project Manager: MTR Project Team
M & E Consultant: Arup
Structural Engineer: Arup
Quantity Surveyor: Currie & Brown (China) Limited
Main Contractor: Build King Construction Ltd
Acoustics: Arup Acoustic
Specialist Lighting: Arup Lighting

Located in the heart of Hong Kong, the Admiralty Station extension connects four existing railway lines, becoming the largest interchange in the MTR network. This project is exceptionally challenging as we must ensure station planning, life safety, engineering demands of blasting, excavation, construction of the underpinning structure and new station, and adaptation to the existing station, are delivered with minimized impact on running lines, surrounding environment and passenger experience.

MTR and Arup worked closely to realize the human-centric design of a 30m tall atrium, which not only draws natural light through a stunning skylight to the underground space, but also creates the main spine for passengers moving between the various lines and to the hinterlands. It enhances passengers’ comfort, experience and wellbeing, as well as introducing an efficient vertical passenger circulation via 34 new escalators, being the key to support the mega capacity that Admiralty Station handles.

金鐘站擴建項目連接四條鐵路綫,項目極具挑戰性,團隊需確保站點規劃、生命安全、核心工程順利完成,同時避免影響現有鐵路運營及乘客體驗。港鐵與奧雅納秉承以人為本的概念,實現30米高的地下中庭設計,以巨型天窗引入自然光,為乘客提 供主要移動及換綫通道,提升乘客舒適度,並以高效垂直運輸方式應對金鐘站的乘客流量。

Award - Advanced Manufacturing Center 先進製造業中心

The Architect: Wong Tung & Partners Limited
Client / Developer: Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
M & E Consultant: Wong & Ouyang (Building Services) Limited
Structural Engineer: Meinhardt (C&S) Limited
Quantity Surveyor: Rider Levett Bucknall Limited
Main Contractor: Gammon Construction Limited
Industrial Architectural Consultant: Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
Landscape Architect: ADI Limited
Facade Consultant: Inhabit Asia Ltd.

The Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) is a multi-storey, multi-tenant industrial building covering 1.1 million square feet. The AMC offers production units that comply with Industry 4.0 standards, tailored to suit highly automated production and operation processes for tenants from multiple industries. AMC offers shared logistics, warehousing, prototyping, assembly, and clean room spaces, which reduces the cost for low-volume production. AMC equipped with a central logistics system for just-in-time delivery, saving resources for tenants. AMC also incorporates green features such as PV panels, a Sea Water District Cooling System etc. to minimize energy consumption and carbon emissions. Sustainability was considered during construction with Design for Manufacture and Assembly and an onsite Flying Factory for prefabricated MEP components. The AMC is surrounded by greenery, including a cascading landscape hill with a vertical green wall system and a 1/F Communal Garden covered in lush vegetation. The North site's podium garden (DT Hub) will be linked to the shared facilities at AMC, creating a community hub. AMC promotes innovative manufacturing and sustainability in Hong Kong, using advanced construction technology to create a benchmark for a new era of smart factories.

先進製造業中心(AMC)是一座現代化工業建築,提供可定制的生產單元給不同行業的租戶。AMC符合工業4.0標準,提供高度自動化的生產流程。它提供共享物流、倉存、小批量組裝和無塵室等空間,助不同規模的企業實現高增值、小批量的高度訂製生產模式。AMC還具有由第三方物流管理的中央物流系統,提供具備智能設施的精益物流策略。 AMC是專為行業先鋒而設的頂尖高端製造基地,并配合採用先進建築技術,在響應式可持續環境中,為新時代智能工廠行業奠定基準。

Award - Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport Satellite Concourse 深圳寶安國際機場衛星廳

The Architect: Aedas Limited and GuangDong Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Client / Developer: Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd.
Aviation Planner: Landrum & Brown (USA)
Project Manager: GuangDong Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
M & E Consultant: GuangDong Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Structural Engineer: GuangDong Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor: GuangDong Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Main Contractor: China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited

The Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport Satellite Concourse is officially in operation from December 2021. Set directly to the north of the existing Terminal 3 building, it is a key step in the expansion project of one of the most important aviation hubs in South China.

The 238,000 square meters Satellite Concourse will support the growing needs of the airport and serve up to 22 million passengers per annum. Arranged on the airport's central axis with Terminal 3 and the future Terminal 2, the buildings are efficiently connected by the Automated People Mover (APM) system, as well as the baggage handling and goods delivery systems.


Merit - Transport Department Vehicle Examination Complex 運輸署車輛檢驗綜合大樓

The Architect: Wong Tung & Partners Limited
Client / Developer: Architectural Services Department
Project Manager: Architectural Services Department
M & E Consultant: WSP (Asia) LTD
Structural Engineer: WSP (HK) LTD
Quantity Surveyor: CS Toh & Sons Ltd.
Main Contractor: Hip Hing Joint Venture (VEC)

The TDVEC is a building with unique and specific function that is of an unprecedented scale in the world for building of this type. The challenge is huge to create a building that is capable of housing all those complex function in relatively small and irregular site with a lot of site constraints. Efficiency is of utmost importance to handle the daily influx of vehicles. To accommodate the sheer operational space within the irregularly shaped and congested site, the team has devised an innovative driveway arrangement – double helical ramp to resolve the vertical vehicle traffic as well as eliminating the potential vehicular conflict due to head-on traffic in most vehicle-oriented building. The façade design is inspired by the metaphor of fully synchronized machines which endow this ultra utilitarian building with unique identity.

運輸署車輛檢驗綜合大樓是一座具有獨特和特定功能的建築,在世界上同類建築的規模前所未有。 在相對較小且不規則的場地內建造一座能夠容納所有這些複雜功能的建築,面臨著很多場地限制,這是一項巨大的挑戰。作為一幢如此注重功能性以車輛為主要服務對象的建築物, 高效率車輛通道佈局至關重要。為了在不規則形狀和擁擠的場地內容納所需特定的操作空間,該團隊設計了一種創新的車道佈置 - 雙螺旋坡道以解決垂直車輛交通問題,並消除大多數車輛因迎面交通而導致潛在車輛衝突的風險。大樓外平幕設計的靈感來自於平穩運行的機器,並賦予了這棟功能性的建築物獨特的個性。

HKIA Award - Urban Design & Master Planning

Merit - Advance Promenade near Wan Chai Ferry Pier 灣仔海濱花園

The ArchitectArchitectural Services Department of HKSAR
Client/ Developer: Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Project Manager: Architectural Services Department of HKSAR
M & E Consultant: Architectural Services Department of HKSAR
Structural Engineer: Architectural Services Department of HKSAR
Quantity Surveyor: Architectural Services Department of HKSAR
Main Contractor: Cheung Hing Construction Company Limited

The site, situated in the last piece of reclaimed land by Victoria Harbour, is an invaluable open space for all walks of life. The project plays a critical role to connect the segregated harbourside spaces and to enhance continuity of the waterfront, while providing quality open space for public enjoyment. The promenade fuses with other once-segregated promenades and forms the longest accessible waterfront along Victoria Harbour. The pet garden and pet-friendly promenade encourages pet lovers to bring their pets to appreciate this inclusive space. The promenade aims at generating social cohesion with the pavilions, coastline evolution exhibits, neon light sittable installations and vintage mailboxes. It provides an accessible and enjoyable recreational space for leisure and diverse activities.


Merit - Foshan Metro Line 3 Shunde Port TOD Comprehensive Development 佛山市軌道交通3號線順德港客運站TOD綜合開發研究

The Architect: LWK + PARTNERS
Client / Developer: Guangdong Shunkong Railway Investment Development Co., Ltd.
Project Manager: Chan Tin Yeung Joseph
Main Contractor: LWK + PARTNERS
Other Contractors: Beijing General Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Urban Planning And Design: Institute Of Nanjing University Co., Ltd

We are honored to be entrusted by the government to handle the urban design of this project, which has received official approval. Our plan is committed to leveraging the double TOD advantages of Shunde Port, combining precise positioning with nine major planning strategies, to transform the area into a modern hub integrating sea, land, and rail. Our goal is to develop Shunde Port into a waterfront financial business district while maintaining its high-quality liveability. This will transform it into a practical, vibrant, and personable urban area.

我們有幸負責本項目城市設計,且已獲政府認可。本方案致力於利用順德港的雙TOD優勢,結合精准 定位與九大規劃策略,打造“海、陸、鐵”於一體的現代樞紐。我們的目標是將順德港區發展為濱水金融商務區,同時保持其為高質量宜居社區。這將使其成為一個實用,富有人情味,且充滿活力的城市區域。

HKIA Award - Future Project

Merit - Kindergarten Education Centre (Siu Sai Wan) 幼稚園教育中心(小西灣)(“中心”)

The Architect: Architectural Services Department, HKSARG
Client / Developer: Education Bureau, HKSARG
Project Manager: Architectural Services Department, HKSARG
M & E Consultant: Architectural Services Department, HKSARG
Structural Engineer: Architectural Services Department, HKSARG
Quantity Surveyor: Architectural Services Department, HKSARG
Main Contractor: China International Water & Electric Corporation

Kindergarten Education Centre (Siu Sai Wan) (‘Centre’) aims to provide Kindergarten students a learning environment conducive to learning through play and free exploration activities. The Centre will also serve as a venue for Kindergarten teacher training and parent education activities.

The Centre is situated at at Fu Yee Road, Siu Sai Wan, with site area of about 1 850sqm and is targeted for completion and opening in 2025 for public use. There is a total of 9 storeys, including a basement floor and a roof, with construction floor area of about 7 200sqm.

It comprises outdoor learning area; indoor learning area such as Science and Nature Area, Arts area, Health & Lifestyle area, Play and exploration area, Free Play area, Discovery Zone and Kinesthetic Area; and other facilities such as an assembly ball, a training room and multi-purpose area etc.


該中心位於小西灣富怡道,佔地約1 850平方米,預計於2025年竣工並開放給公眾使用。建築共有9層,包括一層地庫及天台,建築面積約7 200平方米。


Merit - Museum Project in Kowloon Park 九龍公園博物館項目

The Architect: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Client / Developer: Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Project Manager: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
M & E Consultant: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Structural Engineer: Architectural Services Department, HKSAR Government
Quantity Surveyor: Arcadis Hong Kong Limited

The historic Block 58, a grade-I building, in Kowloon Park will be adaptively reused, supported by a new annex, to become a new cultural facility.

Kowloon Park situates at the former Whitfield Barracks site, which was a key military base in Kowloon established in 1864. Block 58 was one of the earliest block in the Barracks. Since 1970s, Block 58 has been used as warehouse and stays quietly in the southwestern corner of Kowloon Park without catching public’s attention.

Taking the opportunity of this project, Block 58 will be revitalized as a new education spot and museum for public’s enjoyment. Together with the other barrack blocks, Heritage Discovery Centre (former Block 61 and 62) and Health Education Exhibition and Resource Center former Block S4), they will form a new heritage cluster and a new attraction in the city.




Merit - Huanggang Port New Development 新皇崗口岸聯檢大樓

The Architect: Aedas
Client / Developer: The Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality
Project Manager: Wuzhou Engineering Consulting
M & E Consultant: CAPOL International & Associates Group
Structural Engineer: Arup, CAPOL International & Associates Group
Quantity Surveyor: CAPOL International & Associates Group
Main Contractor: Shenzhen Construction, China Railway Construction
Interior Design: Aedas and J&A
Façade: China Construction & Architecture Technology Co. Ltd
Lighting Consultant: HDA (Façade and Landscape Lighting); Lichtvision (Interior)

New Huanggang Port will become an iconic gateway for Shenzhen, the Greater Bay Area and China.

It is a big challenge to put 100,000 sqm inspection halls, 150,000sqm crossing & non-crossing traffic within a site which is only 87,500 sqm. Hence we propose a `stacking strategy' responding to the compact site: use B1 and L2 for non- crossing traffic of both side, L1 and L3 for crossing traffic, and L4/L5 is the inspection hall. Furthermore, we decide passenger crossing direction is south-north orientated to minimize passenger's travelling distance and ensure easy access to metro stations.

With respect to the overall urban planning, we design a series of green space, sunken plaza and pedestrian bridges, to connect Futian Port, New Huangang Port, and the central axis of Shenzhen-HK Cooperation Zone.

新皇崗口岸是集一地兩檢和軌道交通為一體的國家級陸路口岸。設計創造性地引入“垂直疊加”的策略 ,整合複雜功能、接駁深港交通、縮短通關距離,實現“以人為本”的發展目標。項目以“灣區基石”為 概念,用穩固對稱的形態,突顯口岸莊重之感;室內以深、港市花為藍本,打造獨特通關體驗。項目 注定成為未來深港融合的奠基石。