Words from the Chairlady of REVEAL 2 – Ms. Corrin CHAN
「築.自室2」主席的話 – 陳翠兒建築師

The meaning of the word ‘Reveal’ is: to cause or allow (something) to be seen, to show, display, exhibit, disclose, uncover, unveil, to bring to light, unearth, expose.

In architectural terms, ‘Reveal’ is the part of a window or a door opening that is between the surface of a wall and the window and door frame. When the door or window is opened, the ‘Reveal’ appears.

The word ‘Reveal’ has well exhibited the essence of ‘Reveal’ exhibition: to uncover the invisible or the unseen. In 2013 ‘Reveal 1’ Exhibition, we have attempted to uncover the artists talents of our fellow Architects, the very invisible area that is before the making of Architecture.

‘Reveal 2’ 2016 ventures to uncover the other areas of Architecture and Architects. This year, the theme is “For the City. For the Community +-x÷” We would like to bring to light the fundamental bond between Architecture and People.

“Architecture is for People. It is created by man and in return it sets the framework for our lives and it affects us with its values and ideal.” Architects is the profession that is able to give form to man’s aspirations behind. To make Architecture and City that is for people and well suited the needs and express the aspirations, we need to acknowledge this fundamental connection.

Thus, ‘Reveal 2’ this time takes the first initiative to invite submissions from our fellow Architects with the emphasis on their relation to and interaction with the Community.

As we have anticipated, this is not only a 1-month exhibition, but possibly a change of paradigm. ‘Reveal 2’ will be an exhibition of an on-going process of Architects’ engagement with the Community, this time through the means of an artistic expression.

The paradigm shift has occurred, and will be shared with all of you at ArtisTree and will continue in the community.

展現Re.veal /rɪˈviːl/ 的意思是:引起或使(某物)被展示、展覽、公開、揭開、揭露、揭示、發掘、披露。

‘Reveal’ 亦是一建築名詞,它的意思是門或窗垂直的側門,當門和窗被打開時,這個“側面”就顯現出來。



“建築為人。它由人所創造,但反過來,它成為了我們生活的框架,影響著我們的價值觀和思想。” 若我們明白建築對人影響的重要性,我們再不會視之為閒事。



因此「築自室2」,不單是一個單向的展覽,而是一個展示過程的平台,一個回到根本的行動:讓建築師與人重新建立的關係。這個互動會在此次展覽和你們分享, 亦希望會籍此展覽這重塑的關係會斷續下去。


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