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HKU Department of Architecture: Fall 2023 Public Lecture Series - The Good Life <Less is Less>


HKU Department of Architecture

Fall 2023 Public Lecture Series

The Good Life


Speaker: David Neustein, Director of Other Architects


Lecture Title: Less is Less


Date: 3 October 2023 (Tuesday)

Time: 6:30 – 8:00pm

Venue: KB419, 4/F, Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong


Lecture Abstract:

We all know, more or less, what Mies meant. But perhaps it’s time to revisit the assumption that architects should make more. Instead, we might find purpose in advocating for what already exists, shaping convincing narratives that value nature and open space, reuse and repurposing, simplicity and making do.



David Neustein is a director of Other Architects, an architectural practice working on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia. Other Architects received the 2021 Houses Award for Emerging Architecture Practice and the 2018 INDE Prodigy prize for most promising design practice in the Asia-Pacific region, and has been exhibited in Berlin, Canberra, Chicago, London, Melbourne, Montreal, Oslo, Sydney, Venice, Versailles and Wellington. David is an advisor to the Living Cities Forum and Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW and is resident architecture critic for The Monthly.