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Updated Version of CPD Policy Framework

Dear Members,

Updated Version of CPD Policy Framework


Please note that the CPD Policy Framework has been amended, with the latest version attached here CPD Policy Framework 2023.pdf. For easier reading, the major update is highlighted below,


Mandatory CPD hours of the Annual CPD Declaration (Section IV on page. 4 / Appendix A on page 8 / Appendix C on page 11)


For annual renewal of membership, a Fellow, Member, Non-Resident Member, Affiliate or Graduate Member is required to undertake a minimum of 25 credit hours of CPD activities from 1st October to 30th September, out of which a minimum of 3 credit hours shall be reserved for attending CPD events organised by HKIA, other tertiary institutes or professional institutes. New members admitted in the middle of the said period, are required to undertake a minimum number of hours proportionate to the period of membership up to 30th September since admission.


A member whose CPD pursuits exceed the annual minimum hours required may carry a maximum of 10 excess hours to the following year. Credit hours to be carried forward shall be valid for 1 year only.


A member who has yet to satisfy the annual minimum hours required has to make up the outstanding hours in the following year.  If the member fails to do so, the Council may terminate his/her membership according to Rule 23B.


Please refer to the new version of the CPD Policy Framework which could be downloaded here CPD Policy Framework 2023.pdf for all other changes.


This latest version of the CPD Policy Framework will be effective from 1 October 2023, which means the new requirements will be applied to the CPD declaration of the year 2023/24 for the HKIA membership renewal 2025. These requirements will remain in effect until further notice. Members are encouraged to read the updated CPD Policy Framework carefully to ensure that you will meet the new requirements.


Should you have any questions in regard to the updates, please do not hesitate to contact us at 3155 0401 or  


Yours sincerely,


Watson Chan