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Social Innovation Regional Forum 2023: Social and Technology Innovation to Shape Community Integration for All Ages

[HKIA Support]


Discover how social innovation creates age-friendly cities, embraces diversity, and how age integration improves living environments for harmonious communities.

How can we revitalise a highly aging city like Hong Kong? Is it possible to combine the youthful city of Shenzhen with Hong Kong's aging city and use technological innovation to create a truly inclusive and vibrant community?

Get ready to dive deep into the fascinating dichotomy between the twin cities. During the forum, our invited experts will discuss how to seamlessly merge these two models to create a truly inclusive community for all ages.

During SIRF2023, there will be four thematic sessions, including guided tours, roundtables, expert sharing, and public opinion. Discover how age-inclusive communities are built. You'll learn the latest concepts and approaches to community development from experts in different fields and take part in exchanges. As for our main forum, we'll bring together industry leaders and innovators to talk about how to enhance community adaptability and inclusivity.

15-17/9 (Fri-Sun) Envisioning Our Future: Intergenerational Survey on Age Inclusive Technology and Urban Design
20/10 (Fri) All Age Inclusive: Exploration Trip to Redefine Ages
20/10 (Fri) Sparkling Insights: Age Inclusive Ideas Exchange in Hong Kong / Shenzhen
08/12 (Fri) Making Changes: Social Impact Jamming on Stage
08/12 (Fri) Tech for Social: Community Integration for All Ages in the Greater Bay Area

Join us at the events and let's talk about social innovation's future together!
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