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CPD Seminar - The Human Landscape Strategy

Speakers: Prof. Wallace P.H. CHANG, Mr. NG Hei Man, Roy, Mr. YIP Tsz Shing
Date: 3 October 2022 (Mon)
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Delivery: Zoom
CPD hours: 1.5 hours
Registration link:  

It is advocated to apply the strategy at NENT as ‘the total environment that demonstrates the inseparable relationships including physical, cultural, psychological attachments between the community living, cultivating and relying on the territories of lands or waters that in return nurture the community.’ This reciprocal relationship between people and place should be self-reinforcing the reinvented rural tradition to meet new needs of tomorrow. In principle, this idea of cultivation between people and place with new insights on the planning is respecting natural flows of life, integrating productive landscapes and rebuilding common grounds for both existing and incoming communities.

Prof. Wallace P.H. CHANG
Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong
Wallace P. H. Chang is a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard-Yenching Institute of Harvard University, Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong, and registered architect in Hong Kong and China. He is both an architectural practitioner and theorist on urban design, cultural conservation and community participation.

Mr. NG Hei Man, Roy
Campaign Manager, The Conservancy Association
By joined The Conservancy Association since 2007, Royhas reviewed various environmental policies, development projects, public works, and other conservation-related issues for the organization. He has also actively engaged regular liaison with other green groups, correspondent government departments and other relevant stakeholders to protect sites of conservation importance

Mr. YIP Tsz Shing
Growing up in a farmer's family in Hong Kong, carries on his career in farming business in late 90's after graduating from university.  Since then, he has established his own organic farm and a HK permaculture institute. Recently, he endeavors to train young farmers through agriculture production and sales program so as to keep HK's farming industry alive.