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The 28th EAROPH World Congress 2022

The Eastern Regional Organization for Planning and Human Settlements (EAROPH) is organising its 28th World Congress 2022 in Surabaya, Indonesia on 5-8 October 2022 with the theme "The Future of Human Settlements: Accelerating Recovery and Ushering into a New Era of Sustainable Urbanisation Post-Covid 19". 

Congress Objectives and Philosophy
The main theme of the Congress is the impact of population change related to climate management and the associated issues that are being debated at an international level including infrastructure planning, water security, renewable energy and sustainable tourism. The conference aims to draw these themes together to debate their impact on the Asian Pacific rim. The key purpose of the conference will be to focus on the various opinions presented by international speakers in a forum that allows for policy directions coming from the Congress to be directed to the EAROPH Executive, the stakeholders and all spheres of Government within the region.

The Congress consists of the following sub themes:

  • Future Cities and Post Covid-19 Planning Program
  • Integrating Disaster Risk Mitigation in Urban and Regional Planning
  • Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery Acceleration Initiatives : Human Settlement Perspective
  • Sustainability Aspects in Urbanisation and Human Settlements

For further information on the Congress, please visit the Congress website at . To register to attend the Congress, please access this link at

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