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Summary of Notes of APSEC Discussion Forum (2009 – 2021)
There have been numerous discussions with the Buildings Department (BD) since the inauguration of the APSEC Discussion Forum in 2009.  The discussions covered a variety of subjects and are sometimes superseded or supplemented by subsequent Forums.  HKIA Members and practitioners may find it difficult to follow and retrieve.
To assist Members to effectively retrieve relevant information from the discussions, the Buildings and Lands Committee (B&LC) of HKIA has made considerable efforts in the past year to consolidate the discussion notes of the Discussion Forum held from 2009 to 2021.  
The discussion items are categorised according to the respective topics/subjects for the purpose of easy retrieval.  Due to the vast amount of materials involved, the consolidated summary are prepared in 3 parts, viz., Part I to Part III.  This December 2021 version is the first edition, and HKIA will endeavour to update and maintain the same on a routine basis thereafter.  
Part I :   Building Regulations
Part II :  Codes, PNAP & Circular Letters
Part III : Special Subjects
For your information, the Discussion Forum has been conducted regularly with BD since 2009, and the discussion notes were endorsed by BD for every Discussion Forum starting from 2012.  Members may refer to the Summary of Items Discussed for each Discussion Forum posted in HKIA Weekly from time to time for the full and official version issued by BD to the various institutes/organisations.
Members are encouraged to provide feedbacks to B&LC/HKIA should there be any suggestions or observations that serve to refine the Summary.