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ARCASIA Cross-Committees’ Dialogue Series - Connect 1.0

ARCASIA Cross-Committees’ Dialogue series

(jointly organised by ACAE, ACPP, ACGSA, ACSR, ACYA and Fellowship) 
Under President Rita Soh’s guidance and direction, the five ARCASIA Committees and Fellowship have been working collaboratively during their term of office to explore the following key concerns; Conservation of Asia’s built heritage, Technological empowerment of architects, and Cross-border collaborations. They will now jointly present two dialogue sessions to consolidate these discussions in the spirit of cross-committee cooperation that has been the hallmark of the 2019-2020 term.
The event is a series of two moderated dialogue sessions that each explore a single topic through the lens of Architectural Education, Professional Practice, Green and Sustainable Architecture, Social Responsibility and Young Architects.


Session 1 – Minding our Heritage: How to approach conservation and adaptive reuse of Asia’s built heritage

Date: 24 July 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 2 pm (UTC +8)
Duration: 120 min

The panel comprises five panellists, each representing a different committee. Each panellist shall have 5 minutes to introduce a key sub-topic on the Conservation of Asia’s built heritage and discuss it with the panel for 10 minutes. An open Q&A with the audience follows at the end of the session.

Moderator: Fellowship Chair Qazi Arif (IAB)

Opening Address by President Rita Soh

Sub-Topic 1: Wellbeing- The social responsibility of Asian architects
Panellist from ACSR: Ar. Thomas Cheung (HKIA)

Sub-Topic 2: Reimagining and Integrating Architecture education 
Panellist from ACAE: Ar. Abu Sayeed (IAB)

Sub-Topic 3: Sustainability & Resilience Through Heritage and Vernacular Wisdom
Panellist from ACGSA: Ar. Alice Leong (PAM)

Sub-Topic 4: Reconstruction of the past 
Panellist from ACPP: Ar. Anju Malla (SONA)

Sub-Topic 5: Innovative Integrations & Placemaking
Panellist from ACYA: Ar. Ridha Razak (PAM)

Open Q&A session with the audience

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