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New Measure and Potential Projects in Qianhai
Mainland, Announcement
 Qianhai Authority has promulgated the《深圳市前海深港現代服務業合作區香港工程建設領域專業機構執業備案管理辦法》(備案管理辦法) with effect from 1 October 2020.  
Under the 備案管理辦法, consultant firms on the two government lists, i.e. AACSB and EACSB, as well as contractors in the "List of Approved Contractors for Public Works" and those in some categories of the "List of Approved Specialist Contractors for Public Works", can acquire corresponding qualifications in the Qianhai by way of registration so that they can provide services in the Qianhai directly.
The Development Bureau of HKSARG is keen to facilitate more HK consultants and contractors to participate in the developments of Qianhai; and has worked together with Qianhai Authority to simplify the registration procedure and it is finally simplified to exempt the attestation requirement with effect from 22 April 2021.

Supplementary information: 前海關於申請備案所需材料的解讀前海備案管理辦法的補充通知
With hope that the new measure could help HKIA members and other relevant enterprises grasp the opportunities in the Qianhai, DEVB and Qianhai Authority will co-organize a webinar on 21 May 2021.  One of the topics that will be shared is about the potential projects in Qianhai (前海2021年社會投資專案招標資訊表).  In this regard, DEVB is requesting for projects that HKIA members are interested, which will be reflected to Qianhai Authority for consideration.
You are cordially invited to raise the projects that you / your company is interested and would like to have more details.  If any, please email by 3pm, 5 May 2021 (Wednesday).

Information provided by Development Bureau, HKSARG
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