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HKIA 6th Webinar - Sustainable Inclusive Community
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Mr Joel CHAN 陳祖聲
Member, International Union of Architects Commission on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Joel serves in various HKIA boards and committees in the spheres of environmental, urban design, educational and professional practice. He is practising in a multi-disciplinary firm, P&T GROUP, and serves in a number of professional or public bodies, including Professional Green Building Council, Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design, Land and Development Advisory Committee, Transport Advisory Committee, etc.
Joel puts great emphasis on aesthetics, environmentally conscious and social inclusive design in his projects. He is one of the pioneers advocating zero carbon design and putting carbon neutral approach into real practice in Hong Kong. A frequent speaker invited for various occasions, Joel enjoys sharing and exchanging knowledge to promote excellence in design and to create a better built environment for the PEOPLE.
UN˙SDG 聯合國可持續發展目標
The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent the aspiration of the people on Earth to address the global problems we face together, including poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice. The built environment, architecture, urban design, landscape design and planning interact with every SDG goal. However, the current practices in the built environment, our buildings, cities and communities, are largely unsustainable. The built environment we created is a major consumer of energy and natural resources, and is also a massive producer of waste. Moreover, how we build has a major impact on social issues such as equalities and health.
The built environment is part of the problem, but it can also be a crucial part of the solution. Using overseas examples to illustrate how built environment design we created can embrace various SDG principles, Joel will share his perspectives on UN˙SDG as well as his experience in working with the professionals around the globe in the UIA Commission to promote UN˙SDG.
Mr Benjamin B C TSANG曾本治
Principal, MATTER / HKIA Young Architect Award Recipient 2011
開物設計總監 / 2011年度香港建築師學會青年建築師獎得主
Benjamin is the Principal and Co-Founder of MATTER, a collective of architects and designers committed to public and community projects. MATTER believe the relationship between architects, clients, users and stakeholders should be a collaboration and sharing of knowledge, to cater for the specific needs of the projects, to explore new design methodologies and ideas, and to enrich meaning of the places and experience of the inhabitants.
From hostels for the youngsters to homes for the elderly; from kindergartens to special schools for children with intellectual disabilities; from revitalization of historical buildings to new public space, the key to accomplish this diversified range of award winning projects is communication. Along the design process, by thorough communication, the architects’ innovative ideas and technical expertise could be well incorporated with the users’ valuable experience and operational needs.
Benjamin enjoys sharing inspirations and knowledge, particularly with younger generations, including his students at the Hong Kong Design Institute, and participants of various forums and design studios. Benjamin’s passion in quality design and professional contribution to the industry had earned him the HKIA Young Architect Award in 2011.
Elderly [+] Community 老人 . . 社區
A Healthy City should be one being habitable and catering for the physical, mental and social wellbeing of each member of the community, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, social or economic status. Coping with the foreseeable aging population in the coming decades and the changing and very different needs of the elders over time, we call for a more innovative and sensible approach for policy planning, design and implementation for a habitable living environment and community for the elders.
Benjamin will share his experience and, more importantly, the challenges he faced in his involvements in the design of different aged care facilities for public and private sectors.  Basing on some innovative overseas examples, such as senior community, cross-generational co-living, elderly oriented recreational and retail facilities and the concept of time banking, he will also discuss and explore new concepts and models of aged care facilities and senior community which could be borrowed and applied to the Hong Kong context.