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Council Election 2021-2022: IMPORTANT NOTES
Key dates
1 September 2020, Tuesday
Issuance on ballots by mail
2pm on 24 September 2020, Thursday
Deadline of ballot return
7pm on 24 September 2020, Thursday
Result announcement at HKIA 3rd QGM
- Do check mailbox in the coming weeks.
- Do put the completed ballot paper in the attached envelope with the Institute’s seal and return, by post or in person, to the Institute on or before HKT 2pm on 24 September.
- Since there will be delay in mail delivery due to COVID-19 situation, you are strongly recommended to return your ballot as soon as possible or in-person to the Institute (19/F, One Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) by the deadline.
- When you are filling in your ballot:
(1) Do use a dark blue or black pen for marking your vote, not other colours.
(2) Do cast your vote by indicating a cross ‘X’, instead of a tick or star or other marks.
(3) Do NOT put extra marks on the ballot paper.
(4) Do NOT use correctional pen.
(5) Do NOT put your ballot paper in other envelopes without the Institute’s seal.
For enquiries on voting or ballot paper, please contact Ms. Ellie MAK or Ms. Crystal CHAN at 2511 6323 or
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