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ARCASIA 18th of Asian Congress of Architects (ACA18) - Student Competition 2018

(English version only)

ARCASIA 18th of Asian Congress of Architects (ACA 18)
Student Competition – 2018

The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) is one of the member institutes of the Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA).  ARCASIA is now calling for submissions to the Student Competition 2018 and the eligible students are cordially invited to participate in the Competition. Details of the Competition are as follows.

A. Preamble
The Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA) is a Council of the presidents of the National Institutes of Architects of twenty-one Asian countries that are members of ARCASIA. Every two years, an ARCASIA Congress is hosted by one of the member countries of ARCASIA. The Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) will host the 18th of Asian Congress of Architects (ACA 18) in 2018 in Tokyo. ARCASIA Board has decided to organize a design competition among the individual students of ARCASIA member countries in this Congress. This Student Competition – 2018 is organized by the host Institute under the aegis of the ARCASIA Committee for Architectural Education (ACAE).

Two best entries selected by the HKIA shall be exhibited at the Congress in Tokyo and the gold, silver and bronze award winners shall be decided by an international jury.

B. Design Competition Information
a) Objectives: One of the most important roles of an architect nowadays is tackling the different local issue(s) we may encounter, and proposing the solution(s) or the issue(s). Through the competition, we would like to collect ideas from countries in Asia, to understand the situation in Asian Cities and know future possibilities to improve architecture toward the issue(s).

In the competition,
i. Specify one concrete issue in your country
ii. Show the solution as an architectural design
iii. Visualize the solution and the issue in your original way in 3 images

b) The Theme: Students in the field of Architecture are invited to contribute ideas and concepts that respond to the theme “LOCAL ISSUES and the Solutions”. Each country is facing their own local issues and students are encouraged to identify, at the same time resolve, these issues by using architectural designs.

c) Who can participate: The competition is open to individual students of all years of eligible programmes in Hong Kong. Each entry will be an individual entry. Individual or team submissions accepted (No limitation on number of team members. Students are only allowed for one submission either on an individual or team basis.) For the list of eligible programmes in Hong Kong, please click here .

C. Deliverables Requirements
a) One PDF file containing one A1-sized (594mm x 841mm) in landscape graphic layout, including (but not limited to) the following:
i. Location Plan/ Site Plan/ Block Plan/ Building Plans at appropriate scale;
ii. Minimum one cross-section and or elevations at appropriate scale;
iii. Diagram/ Sketches highlighting the design ideas and features;
iv. Photomontages, Perspectives, and or other illustrations that can illustrate the ideas and design concepts;
v. Animation is not accepted

b) Design Statement of 500 words maximum (font size: 12) in .doc format to explain the overall proposal, with proposal title

c) Duly completed and signed Entry Form in .pdf format

d) Language: All entries shall be in English.

D. Anonymity and Confidentiality of Entries
No identification marks shall appear on the graphic layouts and the Design Statement. The participant shall keep his/ her entry confidential and take necessary steps to ensure it is not disclosed to any third parties throughout the competition until the public announcement of results.

E. Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights belong to the author(s), but upon submitting an entry to the category, the participant declares, warrants, agrees and undertakes that the submission (Intellectual Property Rights inclusive) would be used for promotion/ publication of the event.

F. Assessment Guidelines
The selected entries will be judged in accordance with the broad assessment guidelines (see below) by the Jurors. The decision of the Jury Panel shall be final and binding on all parties concerned and decisions cannot be appealed against. Participants do not have the right to request for access to the Jurors’ comments or records on the adjudication.

a) How sharp the perspective of the issue student chose is
(Scale and type of the issues does not affect the evaluation, small/detailed issues are also welcome)

b) How sharp the solution with chosen issue is

c) How clear, original and skilled visualization to show student’s idea
(i. Any drawing/rendering/photo/diagram will be accepted but student should submit only 3 images;
ii. Each image can consist of few drawings/renderings/photos/ diagrams;
iii. Texts could be on the images to clarify your idea and detail)

G. Important Dates
For the deadline of submission to each school, please enquire your school departments.

The deadline of submission to HKIA from school is 16 May 2018, Wednesday, 12:00pm, noon [Hong Kong Time].

HKIA will conduct a final selection of the two best designs among the entries submitted by the recognized/accredited Schools as the ‘Countries Entries’. The selected two ‘Countries Entries’ will be submitted to the Jury of Assessors formed by the ARCASIA for final selection of the best three designs. The result will be available in August 2018.

The selected two ‘Countries Entries’ will also represent HKIA to join the Student Jamboree of ACA18 in Tokyo and entitled a HKD$5,000 scholarship for each student after completing the whole program of Student Jamboree, submitting post-event reports and giving a sharing session at HKIA Premises on the evening of 4 October 2018 (details to be confirmed).

H. Jury of Assessors
Hong Kong Region Selection Panel:
a) Stephen HO Kin Wai, HKIA Board of External Affairs Co-Chairman
b) Jane AU YEUNG Lai Sze, HKIA Board of Education Affairs Deputy Chairlady
c) Joanna WAI Mei Wah, HKIA ARCASIA/CAA Committee Chairlady
d) Tony WONG Shou Fat, ACA17 Award Convenor
e) Simon HUI Wan Heng, HKIA Young Members Committee Co-Chairman

ARCASIA Student Competition 2018 Jury Panel:
a) Chairman of ACAE (Head Juror)
b) ARCASIA, ACAE, Zone A Representative
c) ARCASIA, ACAE, Zone B Representative
d) ARCASIA, ACAE, Zone C Representative
e) Chairman of 2018 Student Jamboree and Student Competition Organizing Committee

I. Prizes
a) One Gold Award : JPY50,000 and Certificate
b) One Silver Award : JPY20,000 and Certificate
c) Bronze Awards : JPY10,000 and Certificate
All shortlisted entries will be showcased at The 18th Asian Congress of Architects (ACA18) in Tokyo in 2018.

For details of ACA18 in Tokyo, please visit:

The Hong Kong Institute of Architects

Download for Reference Only:
- Student Competition Brief ( PDF )
- List of eligible school programmes in Hong Kong ( PDF )