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UIA Student Competition for a Prefabricated Modular Community Health Centre





The UIA is proud to announce that its own Work Programme, the Public Health Group, has launched an exciting student competition for the design of a prefabricated modular community health centre. The open international ideas competition is part of the programme for the 38th International Seminar of the Public Health Group, to be held in Paris from 29 to 31 May 2018 in conjunction with Paris Healthcare Week.

The competition asks participants to design a Community Health Centre (CHC), to be found in communities with reduced access to healthcare facilities, such as smaller cities in underdeveloped countries or remote, rural areas of developed countries.  The designs should imperatively make use of prefabricated modular units, easily transportable by road, rail or boat. They should be amenable to incremental expansion until the facility "grows to a fully-fledged CHC."

While the jury will be evaluating entries on the basis of environmental quality, the most important consideration will be good design. The jury will be looking for projects which demonstrate "a convincing, aesthetically appealing building design."

The competition is conducted according to the UIA Competitions Guide and the UNESCO Regulations for International Architecture Competitions.

Students of architecture (Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate at an accredited institution) interested in and possessing a broad understanding of healthcare environments are encouraged to participate in multidisciplinary groups led by a student of architecture. Each team should include three students maximum.

No entry fees, but copy of ID and student card required.

For more information, check out,

[UIA Website]