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[Video recording recap] CPD Webinar: Point-Line-Surface and Butterflies

[Video Recording Recap]

Date: 13 September 2023 (Wed)
Time: 7:00 - 8:00 PM
CPD Hours: 1
Language: English / Cantonese


A Butterfly took off in Japan, arrived at HK after 87 days, brought a message and an inspiration.
In HK, Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve provides a haven for 220 species of butterflies (90% of HK's species). The recently launched Butterfly Garden Certification programme attracted a lot of interest in HK and abroad.
Can we build urban homes for humans as well as butterflies, develop a biodiversity city or region, and how you can help.


Dr. YAU Wing Kwong, JP
CEO / Butterfly Effect Motivator

• HKMA/HKT Global Innovation Award 2022/23
• Butterfly City Point Line-Surface Initiator
• Smart Countryside Initiator
• Hong Kong Solar Policy Motivator
• HK New Agriculture Policy Imitator
• HK New Nature Conservation Policy pilot project
• HK Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund Chairman
• HK Advisory Committee on Countryside Conservation
• HK Town Planning Board Member (2010-2017)
• HK Advisory Council on Environment (2006-2011)
• HK Taipo District Board Member (2008-2015)