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HKIA 55th Anniversary Celebration

Dear Member,

The Hong Kong Institute of Architects steps into its 55th Anniversary in 2011. Started with our Past Presidents, former Councils, and continues by us and our young Architects, the past 55 years have been a fruitful journey which defined HKIA today. No matters how fast the world is changing, our dedication to uphold the purposes of the Institute remains steady. They are to continue to raise both the standard of architecture in Hong Kong and the standard of professional services offered by its members.

We hold strong in our belief that ‘action speaks louder than words’. Please join HKIA to BUILD A BETTER HONG KONG and to PROMOTE ARCHITECTUAL EXCELLENCE for the community



In celebration of the HKIA 55th Anniversary, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) will organize the following key special events:

HKIA Hong Kong Architecture Week: 3rd Oct. to 4th Nov. 2011

HKIA Open House
Photo Competition and Thematic Seminars
Visits to the Architectural Services Department, Housing Authority, Registered Practices and Department of Architecture of The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong

HKIA 55th Anniversary Conference: Megalopolis & Architecture, 5th Nov. 2011 Daytime
HKIA 55th Anniversary Ball: 1950's Oscar Night, 5th Nov. 2011 Evening






Anna Kwong Architects & Associates

Cover image by David Iliff

Under unexpected circumstanmces, the organiser may change the speakers without prior notice.