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Invitation of Nomination to Architects Registration Board 2018-2020 under Architects Registration Ordinance (Cap. 408)


Dear Members,

Invitation of Nomination to Architects Registration Board (“ARB”) 2018-2020 under Architects Registration Ordinance (Cap. 408)

The Architects Registration Ordinance (Chapter 408) is an Ordinance to provide for the registration of architects and disciplinary control of the professional activities of registered architects, and for related matters. The Ordinance applies to any person who is involved in the design, construction or fitting out of buildings and who describes himself as an architect.

The Architects Registration Board is a body corporate established under the Ordinance having perpetual succession and a common seal. The below 4 committees, appointed by the Board, are formed to deal with specific works for the ARB:
1) Education & Accreditation Committee
2) House Committee
3) Legal Affairs Committee
4) Registration Committee

The Council will appoint 10 members of the Institute (means a person who is a Member or a Fellow under the constitution of the Institute) to ARB for the new term of two years commencing 17 May 2018. Provisions relating to the constitution, tenure, functions and powers of ARB under the ARO are enclosed for your information.

This nomination is open to all HKIA Members for expression of interest.  Members with relevant experiences relating to the ARB's functions would be given due consideration. You are advised to read through the enclosed HKIA Guidelines on Nominating Members to External/ Government Advisory and Statutory Bodies and the basic requirements shown at the bottom of this circular.

Should you be interested in being nominated, please register your interest to HKIA Secretariat by fax no. at 2519 6011 or email by 12:00 noon, 13 April 2018 by returning the completed reply slip (DOC | PDF) and including your brief CV in 1 page A4 size listing out the number of external/government advisory and statutory bodies that you are currently serving for HKIA’s consideration of appointment.

[ARO] | [HKIA Guidelines] | [Basic Requirements endorsed by HKIA Council] | [Reply Slip (DOC | PDF)]

Yours sincerely,
Steve Chan
Chief Operating Officer

The interested members should meet the following basic requirements which have been endorsed by HKIA Council regarding the captioned nomination to ARB 2018-2020:

1) Mandatory
• HKIA Fellow or Member
• Registered architect in Hong Kong
• Fulfilling All requirements under ARO 5.(2) including
- Not more than 8 years of continuous service, or
- Not more than 8 years in any 10 year period as ARB members
(priority will be given to other applicants over the existing ARB member with more than 6 years of continuous service)

• Fulfilling ALL requirements under ARO 5.(4) including
- ordinarily resident in Hong Kong
- has not been sentenced to imprisonment, whether suspended or not, by any court or magistrate
- has not been found guilty of a disciplinary offense

2) Possessing at least ONE of the following requirements

a) Familiarize with ARB and ARO
• Current/Past ARB Board members, or
• Current/Past ARB Committee members, or
• Demonstrated knowledge and/or experience with the function and operation of ARB.

b) Familiarize with HKIA
• Current/Past HKIA Council Members

c) Knowledge/experience in architectural education/ accreditation
• current/past HKIA Board of Educational Affairs members, or
• current/past HKIA Accreditation Committee members, or
• current/past HKIA Professional Assessment Committee
• past HKIA/ARB or similar accreditation board members

d) Legal qualifications/expertise
• legal degree/qualifications, or
• demonstrated experience in legal practice

e) Experience in Disciplinary Proceeding
• current/past ARB Inquiry Committee member, or
• current/past HKIA Disciplinary Board member

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