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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on HKIA/ARB Professional Assessment

To help you get quick answers to common questions on matters related to Professional Assessment (PA), a list of FAQs is prepared. Please click on the following links to find out more about PA.

Admission requirement1) What are the entry qualifications for the PA?2) How can I check if my degree is recognised for sitting PA?3) If my degree is not recognised by HKIA/ARB, what can I do?4) What kind of working experience can be counted?5) I am a non-local professional and can I be exempted from taking the written papers?6) How can I check if my professional registration is recognised by HKIA/ARB?

You may check the current list of national registration bodies on the HKIA website at here.

Registration details7) When is the registration period for the PA?8) What documents should I submit for PA application?9) I am applying for Graduate Member and shall I enjoy the discount for applying the HKIA/ARB Professional Assessment and HKIA/ARB Professional Assessment – Lecture & Seminar Series?10) If I find difficulty in looking for an Adviser, what can I do?11) Do I need to pay the registration fee?12) What do I need to do if I have recently changed my job?13) When will I receive the Admission Card?14) When can I apply for Professional Interview?

Preparation for Professional Assessment15) Where can I find the syllabus and reading list of PA?16) Does HKIA offer any courses / study materials for candidates to prepare for the PA?17) What projects can I use for completing my Case Study Report?18) If I cannot find a local project for Case Study, what can I do?

Rules for Professional Assessment19) Can I bring my own reference books to the PA?20) What kind of calculators can I bring to the assessment centre?

If you require more information, please contact HKIA Secretariat at 2511 6323 or by email at

Last revision date : 16 March 2018