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Renewal of Agreement between HKIA and NABAR on Mutual Recognition of Accreditation Systems of Architectural Programmes (5-year)


A signing ceremony between HKIA and National Administration Board of Architectural Registration (NABAR) for renewal of the mutual recognition agreement of accreditation systems of architectural professional degrees (5-year) was held on 12 January 2013 at Faculty of Architecture in Tsinghua University, China.

The Agreement was first signed in 2000 and has been renewed every six years upon agreement by both parties.  The purpose of the Agreement is to mutual recognise architectural professional degrees (5-year) accredited by HKIA/ARB and National Board of Architectural Accreditation (NBAA) as to fulfill the academic requirement for application for PRC Class I Registered Architects and Registered Architects in Hong Kong.

HKIA and NABAR signed the Agreement and agreed the following :
1. To uphold the standard of professional education through the mutual accreditation of architectural professional degrees,.
2. The benchmark of accreditation adopted by HKIA and NBAA is mutually compatible.
3. HKARB and NABAR accept the accreditation results of architectural professional degrees (Bachelor or Master degrees) concluded by NBAA and HKIA respectively.
4. HKIA and NABAR accept each other’s accredited architectural professional degrees and agree that graduates from these degrees possess equivalent professional knowledge and skills.  Graduates from the accredited professional degrees within the period of accreditation satisfy HKIA and NBAA academic requirement can enjoy the equivalent treatment in applying for registration as PRC Class I Registered Architects or Registered Architects in Hong Kong.

Photo taken during the signing Ceremony

A Group Photo of HKIA and NABAR representatives

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