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2015.07.03 Ie, Siu & Chung Architects Ltd [HKIA RP] - Senior Architect / Project Architect
2015.07.03 NC Design & Architecture Ltd. - Senior Draftsman
2015.07.03 Paliburg Group [HKIA RP] - Senior Project Manager
2015.07.03 Paliburg Group [HKIA RP] - Chief Architect
2015.06.26 Tom Ip & Partners, Architects, Engineers & Development Consultants Ltd [HKIA RP] - Project Architect
2015.06.25 Andrew Lee King Fun & Associates [HKIA RP] - Architect / Architectural Assistant
2015.06.25 Andrew Lee King Fun & Associates [HKIA RP] - Year-out Architectural Trainee
2015.06.23 Llewelyn-Davies Hong Kong Limited [HKIA RP] - Architect & Architectural Assistant
2015.06.23 Paliburg Group [HKIA RP] - Senior Project Manager
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