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The purpose of the Board of External Affairs is to look after all the overseas affairs such as activities held between external bodies and professional institutes in which our President normally heads the delegation to all these meetings and conferences.

Board of External Affairs
  • HO Kin Wai Stephen 何建威 (Co-Chair)
  • LAU Kam Sing Dickie 劉錦勝 (Co-Chair)
  • CHEUNG Kong Yeung Thomas 張廣揚 (Deputy Chair)
  • BEH Kiang Hioke Kentis 馬鍵郁
  • CHAN Kai Chung Calvin 陳啟聰
  • CHEN Marvin 陳沐文 (Ex-officio)
  • CHU Hoi Shan Paul 朱海山 (Ex-officio)
  • HO Lik Chi Nicholas 何力治
  • HUI Wan Heng Simon 許允恒
  • KWAN Kwok Lok Joseph 關國樂
  • KWONG Sum Yin Anna 鄺心怡
  • LAU Man Kwan Julia 劉文君 (Immediate Past Chair)
  • LAM Yu Ka Wai Sylvia 林余家慧
  • LI Kwok Hing 李國興 (Ex-officio)
  • WAI Mei Wah Joanna 韋美華
  • WONG Ka Man Carmen 黃嘉雯
  • WONG Man Jit Maury黃問哲
  • ARCASIA / CAA Committee
  • WAI Mei Wah Joanna 韋美華 (Chair)
  • BEH Kiang Hioke 馬鍵郁 (Deputy Chair)
  • UIA Committee
  • CHAN Kai Chung Calvin 陳啟聰 (Chair)
  • CHAN Chuen Chi Simon 陳傳智 (Deputy Chair)

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