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WE, THE UNDERSIGNED being met together on the third day of September in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-six and being desirous of forming a Society in the Colony of Hong Kong for the general advancement of Civil Architecture and for promoting and facilitating the acquirement of the knowledge of the various Arts and Sciences connected therewith DO HEREBY BAND OURSELVES TOGETHER IN A SOCIETY TO BE KNOWN AS THE HONG KONG SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTS and do undertake as Foundation Members to subscribe to the funds and be bound by the Rules of the Society AND DO FURTHER DECLARE AND AGREE AS FOLLOWS:
  1. that the Society shall consist of Members,Honorary Members, Associates, Graduates and Students;
  2. that the Society shall elect and be governed by a Council consisting of a President, two Vice-Presidents, and such other Officers and Members of Council as it may decide;
  3. that the Society shall make such Rules for its own good governance and the conduct of its members as it may from time to time think fit;
  4. that the Society shall have power in its corporate name to acquire, hold and dispose of property and funds and shall to this end comply with Ordinances of the Government of Hong Kong;
  5. that the Society shall invite and have as its Patron a person of eminence in colony.

    J T Mallorie
    J S Hirst
    D G Farrow
    R J Phillips
    Faitfone Wong
    W W C Shewan
    Pak C Kwong
    Stanley Kwok
    T S C Feltham
    G G Djou
    Koon Hing Cheang
    A J Brandt
    A V Alvares
    Patricia Mayne
    W Elder Levie
    J C Charter
    A M J Wright
    J B Aitken
    T C Yuen
    Wm S Ing
    H S Luke
    William Ling
    Bjorn Nedberg
    G Hollmann
    W G Gregory
    G D Su
(Subscribed by the Foundation Members at the Second Inaugural Meeting of the Society on 3rd September, 1956)
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