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President Marvin Chen (2017-2018)

President's Message <2018/01>

I wish to extend a warm welcome to all of you to a NEW Chapter – Year 2018.

The first 12 months of my presidency with HKIA was certainly eventful. I have particularly enjoyed meeting members and the communities who gave me invaluable suggestions and ideas on the Institute’s development.

This is an exciting and stimulating process and it is great that we can work together for the future of HKIA.

May I also take this opportunity to share with you about some of the on-going initiatives and activities:

NEW Bi-city Biennale of Architecture/Urbanism 2017
On 12 December 2017, I am very pleased to attend the Bi-city Biennale of Architecture / Urbanism 2017 (“UABB 2017”) in both Hong Kong and Nantou, Shenzhen. Supported by Create Hong Kong, HKSARG, UABB 2017 represents the 10th Anniversary in collaboration between Hong Kong and Mainland Counterparts and provides many new opportunities for architects who are one of the crucial players amongst the creative industry.

Themed "Smarts City: Density 2.0" curated by HKIA Member Dr. LK Chan and her team, Hong Kong exhibition reflects really well on how Hong Kong drives the development of our community by the spirit of shrewdness(「執生」精神). I would highly recommend members visiting the following exhibition venues: Space under Flyover, H6 CONET, Central Market, Art in Exit J of Central MTR Station, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 9/F Hysan Place, Z Gallery of Hysan Place, Connecting Space and Nantou in Shenzhen.

Moreover from now until the closing of exhibitions on 12 February 2018, there are going to have a number of parallel activities such as symposium, workshop, performance and guided tours etc.

Please refer to uabbhk.org for details.

Wanchai Community Green Station Design Idea Competition
After years of promotion and persuasion by the Institute to the government to provide more opportunities for the up and coming design professionals to be involved for the public community project, this Community Green Station design idea competition, which is promoted by Environmental Protection Department with HKIA as a supporting organisation, marks a signification breakthrough. I would encourage our members to actively participate in this competition to make it a success so that it could serve as a working model for future similar government projects.

Please be reminded that the registration for the competition will close on 15 January 2018 and submission entry will close on 29 January 2018.

Belt and Road Initiatives
In order to promote Hong Kong business and professional sectors to Mainland ministries and enterprises for collaboration on Belt and Road initiatives, the HKSAR government and the HK Belt and Road Office will organise a high level Forum on 3 February 2018 in Beijing.

Apart from joining the Hong Kong Delegation, I have been invited as a speaker at a session on professional services to showcase and promote the strength and competitive edge of Hong Kong construction professionals, especially the architects, for Belt and Road related opportunities.

HKIA Spring Reception 2018
Spring Reception is scheduled for 1 March 2018, Thursday, at Hong Kong Football Club. Please pencil down the date on your diary and stay tuned on HKIA Facebook for details.

NEW Head of the HKIA Secretariat
We would once again like to send our heartfelt thanks to our former CEO Mrs. Rita Cheung, who retired on 31 December 2017, after 28 years of service for the Institute.

At the same time, we are pleased to welcome Mr. CHAN Tai Fuk, Steve, who would lead the HKIA Secretariat as the Chief Operating Officer and the Registrar of HKIA, effective from 1 January 2018.

Steve studied at University of Manitoba, York University, HK PolyU and Bristol University with degree in Economics, English and Education Management. He had worked in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Canada. With more than 20 years of administration experience, he would focus on the formulation and implementation of organization strategies, human resources and financial management, as well as corporate governance.

We look forward to your continued support to our Secretariat under Steve’s leadership.

With very best wishes for the New Year!

Yours sincerely

Marvin CHEN, FHKIA, Registered Architect
President's Message <2017/12>

Dear Members,

2017 is a New Chapter for the Institute, after its first 60-year cycle.

With the year end festivities just around the corner, I am pleased to report that significant accomplishments beyond original expectation had been made this year, to promote architects’ profession and architectural excellence, both locally and abroad.

The following are some of the key events of interest during the last quarter of 2017.

International Communications
The 38th ARCASIA Council Meeting
I and Board of External Affairs Deputy Chairman Mr. Thomas CHEUNG attended the 38th Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA) Council Meeting organized by the Indian Institute of Architects from 3 to 4 November 2017 at Kathmandu, Nepal. During which, the latest architectural development of Hong Kong and report of hosting the 17th Asian Congress of Architects (ACA17) were presented during the ARCASIA for sharing.

With Rita SOH from Singapore elected as the President of ARCASIA for 2018 / 2019, we may be expecting a robust development in ARCASIA in the coming years and a closer collaboration with the Institute on various aspects such as accreditation, professional practice, environment and sustainability etc within the Asian region.

Connection with the Mainland
One Belt and Road Experience Sharing Session
HKIA organized its debut One Belt and Road Sharing Session on 26 September 2017 in Shenzhen with a view to providing both Hong Kong and Guangdong practices with a platform to share the experiences and challenges in projects in Belt and Road region. The event was well received by over 130 attendees including HKIA members, representatives of mainland architectural firms, developers and contractors in Guangdong.

In response, the key Guangdong construction professional associations will host a joint forum "分享經驗、攜手走出去交流會" on 13 and 14 December 2017 in Hong Kong, to explore further collaboration opportunities under the Belt and Road Initiatives with Hong Kong allied professionals including architects, surveyors, planners, landscape architects and engineers. Participation of our members are welcome.

Communication with the SAR Government
Policy Address 2017
Subsequent to announcement of the Policy Address on 11 October 2017, the Institute had been engaging in active discussions with the top government executives as well as the relevant Bureaus to reflect architects’ opinions and suggestions for the common good of the profession and the community at large.

In parallel, a media luncheon was held on 23 October 2017. During the interview, the Institute had voiced concerns on various aspects including the impact to the profession following the immediate implementation of BIM for government capital works due to the current monopoly of software market, as well as the appointment of adjudicator to review architects’ certification under the proposed Security of Payment Legislation. I am most pleased to report that responsive action has been undertaken by the relevant Bureau since and I hope some amicable measures could be announced soon to achieve a win win solution.

Communication with the Community
HKCSS Community Housing Movement
HKIA has been one of the major supporting professional bodies since the introduction of the new initiative for providing affordable and decent transitional social housing by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services ("HKCSS").

Apart from participating as the panel facilitator in the HKCSS Convention 2017 on 1 November, I have also accepted the invitation to sit in the Social Housing Steering Committee for the movement. For those members who wish to contribute to this meaningful project, you are welcome to respond to the HKIA invitation of EOI to join the Working Committee under the Steering Committee of HKCSS.

Promoting Architectural Excellence
HKIA Annual Awards 2016/2017
One of the main commitments this year is to revamp the HKIA Annual Awards in line with the latest practice, which was held since 1965. One of the changes is to re-introduce the award for Architectural Sustainability and Inclusive Design under the Special Architectural Award, in recognition of architect’s responsibilities in addressing emerging social and sustainability issues in Hong Kong.

A 5- days public exhibition of the same was held at Pacific Place in late October. To promote public engagement during that exhibition, the general citizens also voted for their favourite architectures amongst the projects on show for a special “My Favourite Architecture” prize. It’s really interesting to see from the public perceptions against our Award Jury. The Annual Award Prize Presentation Ceremony was integrated as part of the Annual Dinner 2017 programme, which is again a new endeavour.

Promoting Our Profession and Members
HKIA Furniture Design Competition
Having prepared by the Young Members Committee since the beginning of the year, the first ever HKIA Furniture Design Competition winning SOFAs were showcased at 9/F, Hysan Place, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong from 25 November 2017 to 6 December 2017. During the exhibition, two public lectures were held on 26 November and 1 December respectively. The Prize Presentation Ceremony on 2 December 2017 afternoon was well attended by around 60 participants.

Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Hong Kong Exhibition)
Themed "Density 2.0 (城市執生)", the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Hong Kong Exhibition) 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of our concerted effort in collaboration with Shenzhen counterpart. The UABB HK has been developed to a brand name for quality exhibition over the last decade.

HKIA is indeed honoured to be part of the Biennale, which has become one of the most prestigious cultural events in the world.

Curated by our Member Dr. LK Chan, the UABB-HK 2017 shall take place in 9 satellite sites namely Central Market, H6 CONET, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Harbour Building, Z Gallery of Hysan Place, 9/F of Hysan Place, Central Station Exit J, Connecting Space and Nantou in Shenzhen. The Grand Opening Ceremony shall be held at the Open Piazza of Grand Millennium Plaza in Sheung Wan on 12 December 2017 (Tuesday) at 3pm officiated by the Honourable Matthew Cheung, Chief Secretary for Administration of HKSARG. I look forward to seeing you at the Opening Ceremony.

Communication within Institute
HKIA Annual Dinner 2017
Themed "New Chapter", the Annual Dinner 2017 cum HKIA Annual Award Prize Presentation Ceremony, was held on 18 November 2017. We have received support from the Honourable Matthew Cheung, Chief Secretary for Administration of HKSAR government, guests and participants from local government, allied institutes, learned societies, universities, as well as our working partners. All tables were sold out a month before the event.

It is indeed encouraging that many guests and members had come to me that night or specifically texted me afterwards, to express how they had enjoyed the event this year as it offered another good networking opportunity amongst and beyond the industry.

The Secretariat
While the President of the Institute comes and goes every two years, one woman has stayed on to support the Institute's dramatic transformation for the past 28 years. She is Mrs. Rita CHEUNG, who joined HKIA as the Registrar in 1989 and has doubled-up as the Registrar of the Architects Registration Board, HKSAR ("ARB") since 1991. In her nearly three decades service overseeing the daily operation of HKIA-ARB Joint Secretariat, Rita had served 17 HKIA Presidents and 16 ARB Chairpersons.

Despite her tender age, she chooses to retire at the end of this year and this is her last AGM with us as the leader of the Secretariat.

At this occasion, I would like to share with you the following remarks once made by one of our Past Presidents, which is a fitting testimony of her long service to our Institute:

'Rita is a person of loyalty and trustworthiness, who always put the collective interest of the Institute as her foremost concerns.'

Let’s give a big applause to Rita to show our appreciation of her remarkable devotions and contributions to the Institute.

At the same time, thanks to the great effort of the selection task force comprising the Office-bearers, ARB President and past HKIA Presidents, the appointment of the Chief Operating Officer ("COO") of the Institute will be announced soon.

I am confident that the Secretariat under the new COO will continue our current focus to deliver a good and effective services to our members, while achieving efficiencies through streamlined operations and the use of technology.

Note of Appreciations
I would like to thank my fellow Office-bearers, Council, Boards and Committees as well as the supporting Secretariat for their dedication and hard work to live up to the challenging calendars for a fulfilling year. However nothing is possible and meaningful without general members’ support and participation.

So thank you all again and wishing everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2018!

Marvin CHEN, FHKIA, Registered Architect
President's Message <2017/09>

Dear Members,

This summer has gone really quickly in the blink of an eye. Out of a busy schedule packed with both internal and external events, I am pleased to share with you some of the encouraging endeavors and advancements for the Institute.

International Communications
International Presidents Roundtable Meeting, London

I was honoured to be invited by the Royal Institute of British Architects ("RIBA") to attend the International Presidents Roundtable at RIBA Headquarter in London and was presented with the International Presidential Medal, which was the highlight event in the RIBA International Week from 3 - 6 July 2017.

This was the first time that the presidents of major international and national architects organisations sat together and exchanged on challenges for architects' profession from global perspective. Apart from HKIA, the participants include
- International Union of Architects (UIA),
- Architects Council of Europe (ACE),
- Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA),
- Africa Union of Architects (AUA),
- Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA),
- American Institute of Architects (AIA),
- Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC),
- The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), and of course the host,
- Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

The western parties showed keen interest in Belt & Road initiative and possible collaboration on various fronts. I also took the opportunity to introduce the unique role and experience of HKIA in local registration/accreditation and the impact on Mainland China for full architects services.

AIA (HK Chapter)
HKIA met with the leaders of American Institute of Architects (Hong Kong Chapter) in June 2017 to explore opportunities for co-operation.

RIBA (HK Chapter)
On 2 September 2017, HKIA invited the leaders of RIBA (HK Chapter) together with RIBA President Jane Duncan, who visited Hong Kong enroute to Seoul for UIA Assembly, for a lunch meeting to reinforce the communications and to explore accreditation collaboration opportunities.

UIA Congress and General Assembly 2017 Seoul
I just returned from Seoul after participating in the triennial UIA Congress and General Assembly from 3 to 10 September.

Over 15 HKIA members attended the UIA Congress this year. I understood that most, if not all, found the trip fruitful and inspiring. Moreover the research papers and design works presented by our HKIA members were of such good quality that we managed to scoop 6 awards in the Congress including the Best Paper Award! My congratulations to Edward LEUNG, Alice YEUNG, Thomas WAN, Castle WONG and Kenneth TSE ! I would also like to record my appreciation to our Board of External Affairs, in particular Joseph KWAN, Stephen HO and Calvin CHAN for the leadership as well as UIA Committee for their enthusiastic effort in setting up the HKIA exhibition booth. I still kept receiving positive feedback for the upon my return to Hong Kong. Thanks to for the marvelous job for promoting HKIA!

As reported at the UIA General Assembly, it was noted that substantial progress on various professional aspects had been made in the last 3 years including architectural education, accreditation system, procurement of architectural services, standard of professionalism in architectural practice, code of professional conduct etc. These guidelines established would be a good reference for advancing our professional practice and professionalism.

The UIA General Assembly elected UIA Bureau/Vice Presidents /Regional Directors for 2017-2010. I had the opportunity to have a good dialogue with the new UIA President Thomas VONIER from USA, who expressed keen interest to foster a closer tie with our Institute on various fronts.

Connections with Mainland
HKIA Council Visit to Beijing

Thanks for the coordination of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR, me and 9 Council Members undertook a 2-day visit to the Central Governmental Departments in Beijing, which were of relevance to our Institute or practice, in late July.

This year at the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development住房和城鄉建設部 ("MOHURD"), we were received by the Deputy Minister YI Jun, followed by a 3-hours meeting well attended by many senior department officials. They were all very responsive with great interest in our comprehensive PowerPoint presentation on HKIA /ARB, the Registered Architects and Authorized Persons Systems in Hong Kong as well as our Full Architectural Services. This face to face exchange helped to dissolve any misunderstanding over the years and enhanced mutual understanding and communications for the future professional development.

At the meeting with Ministry of Commerce商務部, a PowerPoint to highlight ‘Hong Kong Architects' Edge on Belt and Road Initiatives.’ was presented so as to connect with Mainland counterparts for collaboration opportunities arising from Belt and Road and Great Bay Area initiative.

While in Beijing, a dinner was organized with invited guests and HKIA Non-resident Members. We were so delighted to have our Honorary Member Ye Rutong, President of Architectural Society of China President Xiu Long and representatives from HKSARG office in Beijing attended the occasion.

Visit by Guangzhou Government Delegates
From time to time HKIA had received Mainland delegates for exchanges on issues of common interest. On 12 Sept, a 15 plus Guangzhou Government Delegates visited HKIA for an in depth discussion on the complete scope of services that could be provided by Architects. I together with VP Felix LI had a good sharing on our Hong Kong established practices.

Communication with HKSAR Government
Together with about 2,000 guests, I felt honoured to attend the Inauguration Ceremony of the Fifth Term of HKSARG on 1 July 2017.

So far, I had met the following new HKSAR government secretaries and discussed in length to reflect our professional views and aspirations on various issues.

- Mr. Michael Wong, Secretary for Development
- Mr. Frank Chan, Secretary for Transport and Housing
- Mr. KS Wong, Secretary for Environment
- Mr. Edward Yau, Commerce and Economic Development

In August 2017, I also attended two special invitations by Financial Secretary Mr. Paul Chan on Policy Address Consultation on the aspects of "Professional (專業)" as well as "Cultural Creativity Industry (文化創意產業)" .

We hope our ideas and suggestions are useful for the policy makers in formulating the upcoming Policy Address and relevant strategies for the future.

Promoting Architectural Excellence
As HKIA President, I had accepted the invitations to be the juror for the following competitions,
- HKIA Furniture Design Competition 2017
- Hong Kong Young Architects & Designers Competition 2017 – A new competition to design an iconic Temporary Pavilion in the West Kowloon Nursery Park (organized by West Kowloon Cultural District Authority).
- AIA (HK Chapter) Honours and Awards 2017

I believe that the subsequent exhibitions and publicity of the winning and/or finalist projects at various platforms would draw the public attention to our architects' talents and also attract the interest of youngsters considering a career in architecture.

Communication with the Communities
A positive public image is important for enhancing the status of architects and attracting the public interest in the work of our profession. Therefore, I, on HKIA's behalf, have also been proactive to take part in the public exchange activities in August and September 2017:
- Consultation Session on Great Bay Area with the Property Development, Construction and Surveying Industry organized by Savantas Policy Institute (匯賢智庫「大灣區?討會」)
- Closing Ceremony of "Dream Builders" organized by Junior Chamber International Tai Ping Shan (太平山商會之「築夢 青年人理想城市2017」閉幕禮)
- Opening Ceremony of International Design Furniture Fair Hong Kong 2017
- Launching Ceremony of the Transitional Social Housing Project on 19 September 2017
- Construction Safety Week 2017 Kick-off Ceremony cum Conference on 21 September 2017

Special General Meeting
At a Special General Meeting ("SGM") held on 18 August 2017, Members of the Institute voted to pass 4 motions in relation to the amendment of the Institute's documents namely The Rules of The Institute, HKIA Code of Professional Conduct, HKIA Agreement between Client and Architect HKIA Agreement between Client and Architect and the Scale of Professional Charges, Guidelines to HKIA Members on Participation in Invited Submission for Architectural Consultancy Proposal.

The resolution on 4 motions was passed by an affirmative vote of two thirds of those Members having a right to vote at the General Meeting. You may wish to have a recap by reading the meeting minutes of the SGM that could be downloaded from the designated link as revealed on the 3rd QGM notice.

The amendments to the HKIA documents concerned was indeed a complicated issue that must engage collective wisdom. On behalf of the Council, I am greatly indebted to the Taskforce members for your devotion and determinations. Lastly a big applause to all our Members who came and vote, especially those who stayed through the SGM.

Thanks again for your unstinting support to HKIA.

Yours sincerely,

Marvin CHEN, FHKIA, Registered Architect
President's Message <2017/06>

Dear Members,

I found the second quarter of 2017 extremely fulfilling and fruitful.

Same as every architect sitting here, we hope that we could have more than 24 hours per day to handle endless tasks and challenges. Many thanks for the unfailing support of our dedicated Members and Secretariat, I could safely through the last few weeks and now, I would like to share with you the following happenings :

Joint-Institute Chief Executive Election Forum (18 March 2017)
During election for our HKSAR Chief Executive ("CE"), a Joint Institute CE Election Forum was held together with HKILA, HKIP and HKIS at the Hong Kong Design Institute on 18 March. It provided a face-to-face platform for members of the functional constituency to get a closer touch with the CE candidates. Although only one of the candidates turned up at the Forum, she became the eventual Chief Executive-elect. Yet, the Forum could not be held without the coordination of our Vice President Mr. Ivan Ho who made the liaison with different parties. Thank you, Ivan.

Canberra Accord General Meeting (5-7 May 2017)
In May I had made two duty visits to South Asia. In the final preparation for HKIA to apply for the Canberra Accord full signatory status, I attended the Canberra Accord General Meeting at the Colombo, Sri Lanka and presented our HKIA/ARB accreditation system to the other signatories.

When becoming a signatory, the academic qualification obtained from HKIA/ARB accredited architectural programmes will be recognised by all signatories of the Canberra Accord which includes Canada, USA, Commonwealth Association of Architects, Korea, and Mainland China.

As one of the pre-requisites, Canberra Accord had sent two reviewers to observe the latest HKIA/ARB revalidation visit to HKU from 19-23 June, in order to assess whether the HKIA/ARB accreditation system meets the requirements of Canberra Accord. I had attended both the opening meeting and exit meeting to greet the Canberra Accord observers and to address their queries on our HKIA/ARB accreditation system.

Architects Regional Asia ("ARCASIA") and Union of Architects ("UIA") Region IV Meeting (23 May 2017)
On 23 May, I attended the ARCASIA and UIA Region IV Meeting at Jaipur, India, Together with the HKIA representatives from various Boards, we shared with the other 18 ARCASIA member institutes what HKIA had achieved in the aspects of architectural education, social responsibility and green & sustainable architecture.

Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (14-15 May 2017)
I also had flied to Beijing twice in May. Upon the invitation by the HKSAR government, I joined the Hong Kong official delegation, which was lead by our Chief Executive Mr. CY Leung to the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in mid-May 2017. It was evident from close observations that the international interest on the Belt and Road development is huge with immense opportunities for professionals. However it was shared by the Hong Kong delegates that the Hong Kong government must play a more leading role in promoting and supporting the Hong Kong business and professionals to venture into these new but volatile markets.

Liang Sicheng's Award and Annual General Meeting organized by Architectural Society of China (中國建築學會梁思城大獎及周年大會)
My second journey to Beijing was to attend Liang Sicheng's Award and Annual General Meeting ("AGM") organized by Architectural Society of China ("ASC") 學會梁思城大獎及周年大會).

Then it was equally colorful for me to attend the various events in Hong Kong.

Play to Change Exhibition @ Oil Street
Exhibits in relation to Play to TREASURE, Play to LIVE and Play to NURTURE of young and energetic architects were showcased at Oil Street to express their ideas and ideals of "Chang" on city planning urban architecture and other social development issues.

Venice Biennale International Architectural Exhibition 2016: Hong Kong Response Exhibition themed "Stratagems in Architecture" (建築兵法)
With the concerted efforts of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects Biennale Foundation, co-organizers Oil Street, Create Hong Kong, the Venice Biennale International Architectural Exhibition 2016: Hong Kong Response Exhibition curated by our Member Mr. Stanley Siu in May 2017 was concluded with great success.

HKIA has been on the way of organizing Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Hong Kong)("UABB") 2017 which aims to be launch in December. As reported by the Honorary Secretary, Dr. LK Chan was appointed as the Chief Curator of UABB 2017. An open call for exhibits shall be launched in coming weeks and please stay tuned for HKIA Daily and our Facebook.

Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macau Great Bay Area Consultation
HKIA continues to reflect our members' voices in good time. On 14 June 2014, I attended a Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macau Great Bay Area Consultation Session organized by Development Bureau.

Board of Mainland Affairs had also made timely response to prepare a joint submission with 10 local professional institutes of Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services to National Development and Reform Commission (國家發展和改革委員會). The joint submission was also filed to Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau and the Belt and Road Office of HKSAR Government on 19 May 2017.

HKIA Cross-Strait Architectural Design Symposium and Awards 2017 ("CADSA")
HKIA was a leading organizer of the Cross-Strait Architectural Design Symposium and Awards 2017, which was attended by about 300 guests, students and HKIA members.

On the same evening, 90+ prizes and awards were presented to acknowledge the outstanding works amongst cross-strait region.

In the coming quarter, You may wish to take note of a special Members Forum and Special General Meeting.

On 3 July 2017 at 7pm, the Council shall organize a Members' Forum to keep Members abreast of our progress on our comprehensive review of the following key documents of the Institute before processing the SGM to be held in late July 2017:
a) The Rules of The Institute;
b) HKIA Code of Professional Conduct;
c) HKIA Agreement between Client and Architect; and
d) Guidelines to HKIA Members on Participation in Invited Submission for Architectural Consultancy Proposal.

Your participation is of importance and we will send email to all Members early next week.

Last but not least, I appreciate that our members have great hopes and aspirations for the new term of the HKSAR government and also understand that you would like to share with incoming Bureau Secretaries on many local issues. Council would extend invitations to them on various HKIA occasions when they have been on post to facilitate communication between the Institute and the policy makers.

Yours faithfully,

Marvin CHEN, FHKIA, Registered Architect
President's Message <2017/03>

Dear Members,

This is my first President's report for you since I took office on 1 January this year. The past 2.5 months have been a period of connection and out reaching development.

Apart from overseeing the operation of the Institute and the regular Council meetings, OBs meetings, Board meetings and Taskforce meetings, I have presided over 10 official events organised by the Institute or jointly organised with allied institutes. Moreover I have also been invited and participated in another 40 more external functions and activities during the first 70 days in the capacity of HKIA President. Perhaps that is why I have this very feeling that time has passed so quickly.

Instead of giving you the boring details of my long diary, please allow me to share with you the highlight of some of the events I attended, as well as the ongoing tasks by the Institute, which help to advance the 3 main commitments undertaken by the Institute, namely;
- Connecting with our members
- Caring for our profession
- Caring for our community

A) Connecting with members
1) HKIA Sports Team Dinner
As reported by our Hon Secretary, the HKIA Sports Team Dinner was well attended by about 60 HKIA member. They had actively represented the Institute in various sports events over the years namely, basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, table-tennis and dragon boats. This kind of interest group activities under HKIA umbrella not just celebrates the spirit of "work-hard, play hard", but also fosters the bondings between the Institute and the members. Your participation and support is more than welcome.

Currently we are reviewing proposal from some members to set up music interest groups under HKIA umbrella. So stay tuned for more details.

2) Welcoming Party for Prospective Members
It is for those candidates who have passed the 8 written papers of Professional Assessment. More than 100 prospective members turned up for the event. Apart from sharing on the techniques and preparation for Professional Interview, I had made a brief introduction on the Institute and the updates of our membership profiles so that they would have a good perspective of the Institute upon admission.

3) <Play to Change> Exhibition
The year also highlighted the collaboration with Oil Street, North Point and the Hong Kong Architectural Centre on the <Play to Change> Exhibition. Launched on 11 February 2017, it is a year-long experimental project with roving monthly exhibitions at Oil Street. Through the exhibition of the creative artworks by our members, the group of young and energetic architects can express their ideas and ideals of ‘Change’ on city planning, urban architecture and other social development issues.

I truly believe that this architect's flagship at Oil Street Art space will become an essential feature of our professional creativity.

4) Youth Construction Forum
On 18 February 2017, I attended the Youth Construction Forum organised by Construction Industry Council as the representative of the Supporting Organization. HKIA also played a leading role in the Forum. We had our Honorary Secretary Paul CHU as the Moderator for the panel discussion and the sincere sharing of our member Tony IP on his "Architect Story". Tony’s presentation focused on the voluntary services for the construction industry and the community out of the busy office works. It was well received by the audience predominately comprise of young professionals from different disciplines in the construction industry.

B) Caring for our profession
Since taking the office, I have been engaged in active communications with the various government authority such as Development Bureau, Architectural Services Department and Planning Department on issues of interest to our profession and our construction industry.

In parallel, special task forces had been appointed to look into the particular areas which are of members' concern:
1) Competition Ordinance; and the consequential review of the Agreement between Client and Architects as well as code of Professional Conduct.
2) Proposed Security of Payment Legislation
3) Review HKIA Rules,

We targeted to submit the final version for members consideration and endorsement in the third quarter of the year.

On 24 February a Luncheon Talk by HKSAR Chief Executive was held jointly with HKIE, HKILA, HKIP and HKIS on the topic of “Continuous Multi-Pronged Strategies to Increase Land and Housing Supply” to keep abreast of government policy in connection with local affairs.

HKIA would continue to reflect our members' voices regarding Policy Address 2017 and Hong Kong 2030 Planning Vision and Strategy for making appropriate responses in good time for HKSAR's long term planning.

C) Caring for community
1) Inclusive design
I was honoured to be invited as a speaker at the Prize Presentation Ceremony of Inclusive Environment Recognition Scheme cum Seminar on Barrier-Free Buildings (共融環境嘉許計劃頒獎典禮暨無障礙建築研討會) organized by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service on 9 February 2017. In my speech, I summarized architects' professional input in this aspect to arouse awareness of around 200+ audience.

With the development of the society, the approach to design of our buildings, to facilitate the use of the less abled persons, is no longer limited to the provisions for barrier free facilities only. Especially in Hong Kong, the number of the aging population is growing fast. Therefore it is about time for our architects to embrace the Universal Design approach so as to increase the potential for developing a better quality of life for a wide range of individuals.

To this end, I am glad to announce that the Council has already endorsed the proposal to introduce a special Inclusive Design Award category for the HKIA Annual Award starting this year. Apart from the normal buildings, the categories can also cover humanitarian efforts such as disaster relief buildings and shelters.

We look forward to encouraging architects’ active participation and promotion of the caring architecture.

2) Design for Safety
On 14 March 2017, I attended a CEO Forum on Safety to promote occupational safety in construction sites of new works, together with Heads of stakeholders in the construction industry, including government officials, developers, professionals and contractors.

It is revealed that despite a decreasing trend in construction site accidents, the main cause for fatalities is dropping from height. There was calls from various sectors for architects to make relevant consideration to avoid risky construction operation during design stage of building.

Finally, may I remind you that a Forum for CE candidates will be held this Saturday morning on 18 March at Hong Kong Institute of Design campus at Junk Bay. It is jointly organised by the HKIA, HKILA, HKIP and HKIS for members of the functional constituency. Please come and meet your CE candidates face to face for more of his platform and exchange of views.

Yours sincerely,
Marvin CHEN, FHKIA, Registered Architect




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由學會主辦,香港房屋協會協辦的「創意青年住屋設計比賽」得獎作品,現正在沙田香港科學園科技大道西2號生物資訊中心地下公開展覽。 是次比賽旨在鼓勵年輕建築師發揮創意,其中冠軍作品「築青亭」更被製作成一比一的示範單位,參觀者除可內進親身感受設計者的用心外,亦可欣賞冠軍和其他四隊優異作品的展板、模型和短片。得獎作品展展期由即日至2017年3月26日。

這項展覽是由康樂及文化事務署主辦,學會與「油街實現」合作策劃,香港建築中心則作?支持機構。展期由2017年2月-10月在北角油街舉行。期間每個月會有不同的本地建築師,透過展覽別具創意的作品,表達他們對社會發展、城市建築等議題的想法和意見。同時亦會舉辦一連串公眾?與活動,進一步和社區藝術結合,讓居民和建築師透過對話與溝通,?發參與者對社會及城市價值觀的新思維。首項展覽「玩轉 - 尋(一)」經已開展。

青年建築師獎由香港建築師學會與亞洲文化協會合辦,新昌 – 葉庚年教育基金贊助,旨在表揚年青有為的建築師。獎項提供得獎者赴美考察,增廣見聞的機會,並以此鼓勵他們繼續發揮才能,貢獻社會。本年度設計主題為「香港(新)美術館」,比賽將於2017年3月舉行通介會,4月截止報名,5月提交作品。







President's Message <2017/01>

Dear Members,

On the commencement of the new year, I wish you all an aspiring 2017 blessed with energy and joy!

It is indeed my privilege and honour to serve the Institute as your President for the coming two years. However I would not underestimate the expectations and challenges ahead, especially after the remarkable 2 years under the great leadership of my predecessor Mr. Vincent Ng, JP.

Together with his dedicated 2015-16 council members and the enthusiastic support by our members, an array of colourful and memorable activities and events, both local and regional, had been successfully delivered in the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of our Institute.

Apart from the strong commitment to promote the architectural excellence and to uphold our professional standards, I'm particularly impressed and inspired by Vincent for his vision to nurture the future generation for our profession and the numerous new initiatives introduced under his presidency, to encourage our young architects to keep pursuing their dreams.

Now as we say goodbye to the first 60 years of the Institute, I see the major impending challenge for me and my council members is how to prepare the Institute and to chart the way forward for the next 60 years ahead, especially in view of the dramatic changes in Hong Kong’s professional, cultural, social and political environments in recent years.

So after all the highlights in 2016, it is a good opportunity for reflection and consolidation; to realign and to focus our limited resources and energy to advance our core missions, with efficiency and effectiveness.

However, I can assure you that 2017 is by no means going to be a quiet year for the Institute and for our members......

To promote architectural excellence

Apart from the HKIA Annual Award, we will also have regional and international events to showcase Hong Kong architecture such as Cross Strait Architectural Design Awards, Hong Kong Shenzhen Biennale and the Response Exhibition in Hong Kong for Venice Biennale 2016.

Moreover, we will continue to work closely with our partner, the Hong Kong Architecture Centre, to reach out the community for the appreciation of local architecture.

To uphold professional integrity and standards

In order to enhance the core competence of our members, more structured Continuing Professional Development seminars, such as the Intensive Seminars on practice related issues and the Master Class for Authorised Person Candidates, will be organised.

With the implementation of the Competition Ordinance, our Code of Professional Conduct and the Agreement between Client & Architect & Scale of Professional Charges are under review by a task force for revamp for statutory compliance, where necessary.

To promote visibility of architects

We shall align various media partners; newspaper, TV, radio and online, so as to convey our professional views on relevant social issues including town planning, urban design, heritage conservation and revitalisation, harbour front enhancement, environmental protection and sustainable development, building safety, in an appropriate manner.

To nurture the local talents

We will continue to explore opportunities for our members, in particular the younger generation, to showcase their creativities and talents through exhibitions and/ or design competitions.

Riding on the success of the previous 2 Reveal Exhibitions which had been well received by the public for recognition of the artistic creativity of the architects, the Institute has been invited by the Oil Street to host a one year exhibition programme in 2017. This exhibition, which is named as ‘Play to Change’, will showcase artefacts/ installations created by our members.

To connect with our members

We shall allocate resources to revamp and to strengthen the current communication channels such as E-daily HKIA, websites and HKIA Journal.

In order to keep you in touch with me and the office bearers of the council, a Facebook page has just been launched. Please feel free to visit our page at OBs@HKIA Council 2017-18.

Moreover a Communication Manager shall be designated within the Secretariat, with the responsibilities to monitor and to explore means for effective and efficient services for our members.

Soon you will receive invitation from our Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Rita Cheung, to express your interest to participate in our Committees. I look forward to collaborating with you for a fruitful and rewarding year in 2017!

Together we can!

Marvin CHEN FHKIA, RA, APEC Architect
President, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
3 January 2017

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